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  1. Hey guys,

    I was playing aroud a bit with PM and got some questions:

    1. Product Documentation: https://de.cloudcare.avg.com/help/partners/default.htm#User_Portal_Options/Patches/Patches.htm --> is that all?🧐

    2. I got a device that has several patches deployed, they are finished, fine! But there are a few patches that are still in "is going to be implemented" (translation from german) mode... what can I do here? I cannot see whats going on here and why they are in this mode for around a few days? I cannot even dismiss these patches...

    3. It would be nice to have at least an information when a patch was deployed. I think this will be important when it goes to troubleshooting and one have to find out if patching or a certain patch was the reason for new problems...

    4. The last "Patch scan" info seem not to be logged since I got no info about this on any devices that run patchmanagement...

    5. Auto approval within PM policy. I brought "this usebility bug" to our partner support attention which is in contact with Avast but just to mention it here: Avast engineering you gotta be kidding me --> I have to select almost over 500 checkboxes if I would have all the patches automatically allowed???? 🤦‍♂️

    Strange that nobody else complained about this in the forum until now... PM seems not to be used so much maybe?

    6. When a patch failed where do I get my info what exactly happend and why it failed?

    Well, PM seem to be in some kind of beta status... I cannot put it in any other words...


  2. Hey Pete,

    well either the option says deployment after shutdown initiated or initiate deployment and when finised shutdown. This is a known option from AVG antivirus scan and pretty smart. The more I think about it the more I miss this option since deployment can be painfull for user and device so it should be really an option dor the deployment.

    After my post here I added this request to the product board... As far as I can see it my request has not been added yet. Since we are talking about this. I was wondering if there is a way to see old requests that I have already added or subscribed to from my side.

    I remember adding and subscribing some requests in the past and as fast as I see it right now the only way to see past activity on the PB is to subscribe to a new request, since clicking on the confirm button from the mail that has been sent after adding it will initiate some kinde of... history session on the PB as far as I understand it?

  3. On 18.3.2019 at 16:51, Pete - Avast Business said:

    @Tomk19 SWG leverages DNS for its lookups, so most blocks that you will see are occurring at the domain request level. This means that the exact/full URL will not be available, as the block is happening before the full request. You'll be able to see the category that was blocked in the portal.

    OK, URLs is not that much important, Domain Names would fit as well. I think this could be of some interest anyway because sometimes it can lead to a better understanding of what is going on within the network. Furthermore details about the involved clients could also be of help...

    Imagine there is a threat within the network that want's to connect to the internet. Right now there is now way of getting some details about blocking from SWG...

    As of today within the report I can see two categories: Maleware site and spyware.

    Having SWG deployed on only two clients that is narrowed down to a small count of clients... Imagine a network protected by SWG for about 500 clients...

    I think this topic has not been thought about enough... In the end security is all about information, especially when the threat is already in place.

  4. Hey guys,

    I have 2 client PCs running SWG and dashboard tells me that until now 3 threats have been blocked until now... wow, fine so far but the only info I get about this is that it was 3 malware sites...

    Is there any way to find out what sites exactly where blocked???


    Regards Tom

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