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  1. @RobertR I split this comment out into its own thread as this is related to Secure Web Gateway. I'm raising this issue with support right now, but I recommend you open a separate ticket specifically for this issue.

    In regards to your previous ticket, I have the ticket number you sent to me and will provide this for escalation.

  2. @SofTec Solutions @Guy-PCI Data Systems Inc In regards to OS patches, yes --- Patch Management is capable of patching Windows OS. The list of supported Windows versions along with third-party applications can be found here in the downloadable PDF.

    In regards to @Guy-PCI Data Systems Inc's report regarding the Feature Updates, I have asked about that specifically due to the issues encountered. Guy-PCI, have you put a ticket into support yet? If you have, let me know and we can follow up.

  3. @A+ Computers @PathfinderNetworks

    NFR for Patch Management will become available, on a case by case basis, in the 5.1 release. This release is estimated to go out on November 26th. For further details on how this will work for partners, please reach out to your account manager. (In the mean time, you're encouraged to start a trial of Patch Management for own company or customer account to test and evaluate.)

    I hope this helps answer your questions here and have a great weekend!

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