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    Todd Wentz reacted to SOHOBE in Online Backup Service Questions and Answers   
    Here's something like what we're thinking of. This is from SugarSync, and isn't totally applicable, but it will serve the purpose. Files that are synced have the green checkmark. Files that are in progress get the yellow icon with the two arrows chasing each other:

    Mr. Yuck? Well, OK, he's not part of SugarSync. I just added him in to see if you were paying attention. He, or something like him, could be used as an indicator to show there's a problem (like a backup failure) for a particular file.
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    Todd Wentz reacted to SOHOBE in Automatic client side upgrades   
    I'm glad for this thread--I thought it was just me that wasn't "getting it" when it came to the CloudCare or AVG software automatically updating. As you have all mentioned, I also thought that the whole purpose of CC was that it would keep itself up-to-date without much, if any, intervention. So, to me, this just shows the amount of disconnect about what we perceived the product was going to do, and what it actually would do. I'm sorry, but I no longer believe that it was my lack of understanding. I feel that AVG missed conveying to us clearly that there were issues or obstacles. We're all tech folk here. We know this stuff isn't easy. I think any sort of issues like this should be put right out into the open.
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