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  1. 18 hours ago, douglaspc.com said:

    Anybody else still a customer here?  Did everybody leave?

    I'm trying out the patching, but not going well.  The profiles don't save any of the auto-patching I setup.  All the BOXES to to enable is a nightmare of an user interface.  I've repeated suggested at least a box to check all.

    This thread really has gone stale, huh? 😮

    Still, I've only dabbled with the NFR Patch Management feature. TBH I haven't dug into overall policy settings for it at all. I've done it on a per endpoint manually for the most part. Specifically, in the portal selecting an endpoint, nudging a patch scan so it's current, then checked boxes for the updates I choose to apply and selected "Deploy Immediately...". That has worked without any pain.

    A few times I've checked the box  for a particular available update and opted to Deploy Immediately to all endpoints.

    I haven't experimented with scheduling patch updates at all. I definitely see where that would be crucial when using the feature for many endpoints.

    One struggle I've had determining which Microsoft patches to choose is Avast's patch management refers to updates by their "Qnumber", only listing the corresponding KB (Knowledge base) article if it's in the description. So sometimes the link takes you to a Microsoft MS-nnn article, sometimes the KB article, or maybe other. That's probably as much a Microsoft issue as this patch management feature. It can get perplexing/overwhelming. A particular endpoint's own Windows Update/Microsoft Update may list available updates that differ than Avast's - or - end up being the same update referred to in different ways. On the Microsoft side, down the rabbit hole when a patch requires prerequisite patches/updates . . . Arggg.

    I realize I've done a bit of rambling here. In summary, Avast's patch management is a useful tool, especially since it can offer patches to other vendor's software. Not TOO bad considering it's not a heavy-lifter patch management suite.

  2. I'm keeping an eye on this too. I have a few NFR licenses I'm dabbling with, undecided whether to deploy at my day job / also customer. Right now we have effectively nothing since Windows Server Update Services has failed again on its server. It's definitely not worth the pain to rebuild THAT again!

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