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    SofTec Solutions reacted to jchopick in Patching Experience?   
    I have been selling more and more of the patching every day. I find it is a useful overlap to already using Managed Workplace with some clients. I will say as of late the patching seem to fail a lot. When I started using it you would get a failure once in a while, but it seems now that the patching is failing all over the place, but to be honest so is the patching through Managed Workplace. Most clients I approach with the concept of have automated updates scheduled, they see a value in that service. I am not sure how everyone else is doing with it, but for me when the patches are successful it is a great addition to our services. Jeff
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Twinbytes Inc in Online backup cancels immediately after starts   
    Just an update for you all.  After attempting to change the backup type from manually set to 50GB to auto-upgrade, it worked.  However the backup storage never increased.  I set it back to manual control at 50GB limit, and the next night it worked successfully again.  So obviously the answer was to temporarily set it to auto-upgrade, let it run a successful backup, then set it back to manual control.  No need to increase storage sooner than necessary.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Online backup cancels immediately after starts   
    Go the the client, hit the devices tab and then use the "view" dropdown to change from Device list to Uninstalled devices with backup data.
    There may be an old device that is stuck there with a bunch of backed up data you can delete.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Restoring is way too slow   
    I just started another test restore after reading your comment. It is much faster now and I'm seeing speeds more in line with what I would expect to see. Within 5 minutes of the restore job starting, I'm already at over 600MB restored.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Ken in Restoring is way too slow   
    HI @SofTec Solutions I am still running the restore test of 50GB, which is slower than I would like for the available broadband speed, but not unreasonable. it has just reached 50GB of 54GB download after almost exactly 2 hours
    Yet we login to https://us.cloudcare.avg.com not the de (German) one, but as using the software to download, not sure what server it is pulling from. i may see that in the logs afterwards. So it may be looking like a transatalantic cable bottleneck?
    @A+ Computers can I recommend you re-raise a support query and let them know UK reseller can downlaod at 25GB / hour which is wildly different from your experience. So must be a fault that needs fixing?
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Ken in Restoring is way too slow   
    hi @A+ Computers your comment had me worried, so checked on a client device, started a recovery using the software on device that did the backup (Server), and downloaded to temp folder. nothing special on broadband, normal VDSL. after 5 minutes over 2.5GB had downloaded. which means it is not excessively throttled.
    so either support do not know what they are talking about or they realised what you said was true and they have removed the throttle! (this was a 50GB file backup so was ideal comparison test) - I will let you know how long it took to complete, when completed.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Restoring is way too slow   
    I'll look into it, thanks for the info. 
    As far as the restore goes, I'm now waiting for the last 500mb or so of data to restore. 3 days, 3 freaking days to restore 50gb!
    I haven't waited this long for a download since the days of porn on dialup....
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Restoring is way too slow   
    So still waiting on the big data restore, but I did get the initial 500mb of accounting data backing up again. What took me ~2 hours to restore took 50 seconds to backup..... this is just silly.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Restoring is way too slow   
    submitted support ticket 12090959 about 3 hours ago in regards to this. 
    5 hours later, I'm now at almost 6GB recovered! 
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Restoring is way too slow   
    yup, installed cc agent on a freshly re-imaged machine and started restoring the data backed up by another device. The 52GB pull is going much quicker. I'm almost at 800mb after only an hour....
    I did also check, and bandwidth throttling is disabled in the client by default, so this is as fast as AVAST can send us the data...
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Restoring is way too slow   
    Restoring 500mb of accounting data (quickbooks company files) on a 300/30mbps connection is now at over 2 hours and counting.
    This is being done on a freshly installed PC, so nothing to worry about with additional software causing the slowness.
    I am not looking forward to the other 50GB or so worth of data that needs to be restored later...
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Chris - Avast Business in Scheduled Maintenance in US Datacenter: Oct 31, 00:00-06:00 EDT   
    Dear Partners,
    We will be undergoing scheduled maintenance during this time. The CloudCare portal will be inaccessible during this period.
    All other services will remain operational.
    Avast Business
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    SofTec Solutions got a reaction from Ken in portal says backup successful, but backup is out of room and being canceled.   
    This makes sense, for sure, to have an alert for a cancelled backup, especially if the account is out of room.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to PathfinderNetworks in PM quick review --> PM still beta + product documentation?   
    I tried Patch Management and found it to be, for the most part, woefully inadequate and, quite frankly, unusable.  I get better results from a free system I found with O&O Syspectr.  That one actually allows me to install patches and be alerted when they are installed (or if they fail to install). Still not perfect but leaps and bounds better than the CloudCare system.  And it's free. 
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Tomk19 in PM quick review --> PM still beta + product documentation?   
    Well said, there is nothing else to add to your comment!
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    SofTec Solutions got a reaction from Tomk19 in PM quick review --> PM still beta + product documentation?   
    We don't use PM in CloudCare.  We use it in Managed Workplace.  From your comments, I would say the same issues exist in both platforms.  Patch management, either for Windows alone, or for third parties, seems to be a bit of a "dogs breakfast".  We tested a product called Atera, and it's Windows patch management seemed pretty good, but I don't know about their patching for third party products, as we never tried it. 
    The vendors are charging for the third party patch management software, which is understandable and makes good business sense.  But, they need to make it worth the investment for us partners, because we are invested into each other. 
    While it is in "Beta", (Yes, I know it is not really in beta, but like you mentioned, it feels like it)   then maybe it should be free.  We could all help them work out the bugs.  And they could put a definitive date on when it becomes a paid service, say January 1st 2021.  But then, it should have become stable and robust.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Tomk19 in PM quick review --> PM still beta + product documentation?   
    Hey guys,
    I was playing aroud a bit with PM and got some questions:
    1. Product Documentation: https://de.cloudcare.avg.com/help/partners/default.htm#User_Portal_Options/Patches/Patches.htm --> is that all?🧐
    2. I got a device that has several patches deployed, they are finished, fine! But there are a few patches that are still in "is going to be implemented" (translation from german) mode... what can I do here? I cannot see whats going on here and why they are in this mode for around a few days? I cannot even dismiss these patches...
    3. It would be nice to have at least an information when a patch was deployed. I think this will be important when it goes to troubleshooting and one have to find out if patching or a certain patch was the reason for new problems...
    4. The last "Patch scan" info seem not to be logged since I got no info about this on any devices that run patchmanagement...
    5. Auto approval within PM policy. I brought "this usebility bug" to our partner support attention which is in contact with Avast but just to mention it here: Avast engineering you gotta be kidding me --> I have to select almost over 500 checkboxes if I would have all the patches automatically allowed???? 🤦‍♂️
    Strange that nobody else complained about this in the forum until now... PM seems not to be used so much maybe?
    6. When a patch failed where do I get my info what exactly happend and why it failed?
    Well, PM seem to be in some kind of beta status... I cannot put it in any other words...
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Tomk19 in Patchmanagement with scheduled shutdown   
    Hey Pete,
    well either the option says deployment after shutdown initiated or initiate deployment and when finised shutdown. This is a known option from AVG antivirus scan and pretty smart. The more I think about it the more I miss this option since deployment can be painfull for user and device so it should be really an option dor the deployment.
    After my post here I added this request to the product board... As far as I can see it my request has not been added yet. Since we are talking about this. I was wondering if there is a way to see old requests that I have already added or subscribed to from my side.
    I remember adding and subscribing some requests in the past and as fast as I see it right now the only way to see past activity on the PB is to subscribe to a new request, since clicking on the confirm button from the mail that has been sent after adding it will initiate some kinde of... history session on the PB as far as I understand it?
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Twinbytes Inc in No backup alert - but last successful backup current   
    I just spoke with tech support again today, they confirmed that there is a known bug in the reporting they are working on.  It causes alerts to now show up, as well, it doesn't show the "Last Backup Status", even though the "Last Successful Backup" shows the current date.  We just have no way of confirming success or failure currently.  We just know the backup was run but could have failed or could be successful.  You'd have to drill down into the details to confirm for sure, which is too time consuming and not realistic.  We just need to cross our fingers in the short term until the bug is resolved.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Twinbytes Inc in File and Folder Backup vs. Advanced Folder Backup   
    I can't find a manual to read and tech support, when I spoke with them last, didn't give me the best confidence in their response.  I would like to fully understand the difference between the two methods of the OLB.  Advanced Folder Backup gives us some clear options and explains with help tips what they do such as backup retention.  However, can someone at least explain what the File and Folder Backup does by default as far as backup retention goes?  Or link me to a manual?
    I like that the 1st backup option gives us a single alert versus the 2nd option giving an alert for each folder being backed up which is overwhelming.  However, I don't want to sacrifice losing data with automated options I can't confirm.
    For example, if using File and Folder Backup, and someone deletes as file by accident, but they don't realize they deleted it until the next time they go to look for it months later...will this file still be in the backup, or does the backup delete files automatically after a certain period of time if not recovered, assuming we meant to delete it?
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Chris - Avast Business in OLB error   
    @A+ Computers Glad to hear, please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in OLB error   
    support actually contacted me about an hour after making this post to let me know the issue had been resolved and how to go about getting the backup working again.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Mike R in Avast Business extend free security offers   
    This offer is now available in CloudCare. 
    If you do not see the 90 day trials for these services in the CloudCare portal, you may need to clear your cache or do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5) on your browser.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Run as system by default   
    I've recently had a client who's backups just would not run and I couldn't figure out why. When I finally dug into the task scheduler log for the backup task, it showed an error that led me to change the task to run as system instead of a user account. Lo and behold, once switching the backup task to run as system, it runs on time every time and I can still start a backup from the portal.
    I'm left to wonder why, if it runs fine as system, why isn't this the default account it runs under, instead of user/admin accounts which could have the password change and make the backup task stop running.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to SOHOBE in Patching Experience?   
    I just got 5 NFRs from my account manager. Since it's a long weekend coming up in the States, I'm hoping to try this feature out then.
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