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    SofTec Solutions reacted to HuskyLogic in Daily Demo   
    Are they not doing the demos anymore?  I was given a link to a GoTo meeting for the MW Daily Demo that is set to start at 2pm my time. It's 2:03 and still no organizer to start the webinar.
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    SofTec Solutions got a reaction from PBHampton78 in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    OK, that was a bit strange.  You are right, it does work.  Delete everything back to where you said, hit enter, and there it is!  That's not weird at all... 
    Thank you for the heads up.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to redleg in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    Just noticed some different behaviour of IE with this problem. @SofTec Solutions @allfornet @Jeremy @Chin007 are you able to confirm?
    Not sure I checked the different OS previously, but on Win 10 with IE11 (11.165.17134 update 11.0.75) it doesn't work, just shows login prompt for access to backup files. Same as the other browsers (FF 61.0.1, Chrome 67.0.3396.99, Edge 42.17134.1.0)
    On a Win 7 laptop, IE11 is a different build (11.0.9600.19080 update 11.0.70) and it does work. Firefox and Chrome don't work.
    Note that on the Win 7 IE11, this time I had to disable the avast online security add-on first (v18.1.1265.0 dated 11 July 2018)
    Anyone else seeing this difference between Win10 and Win7 ?
    @Pete - Avast Business are you aware of this?
    Thanks, Mike
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to PBHampton78 in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    Just finished a support call with Avast/AVG concerning this situation.  According to the tech, if you only use the following URL in place of what pops up in window (regardless of browser), it will take you to the proper screen so you can then access your client's data.  In essence, when the login screen pops up, delete everything back to what you see below.  I've verified that this works as I was able to properly access my clients cloud backup data.  Hope this helps.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to redleg in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    Firefox just upgraded to 61.0 ... still doesn't work, shows login page as before.
    Look at the views on this thread 20,000+, most-viewed, I guess this is proving to be a widespread problem.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to allfornet in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    Same things here with a windows 10 version 1803 build 17134.112, using internet explorer version 11.112.17134.0, chrome build 67.0.3396.99 64 bits, and firefox 60.0.2 64 bits and it doesn't work ....
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    SofTec Solutions got a reaction from redleg in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    And it does not work with those browsers?  That is not good.  What is a person to do, if a client needs a file restored?
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Chin007 in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    Issue still exist on FF and Chrome.
    Only works on IE
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Jeremy in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    This is now happening in Firefox 60.0.1. Edge + IE 11 are working.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Chris - Avast Business in Is US01 down??   
    The issue has now been resolved and status page should reflect this as well.
    Thank you everyone for your patience!
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Chris - Avast Business in CloudCare Status Update 04/03/2018   
    Update - We have resolved the outstanding issues with US Cloudcare policies failing to load and installer downloads failing. Our team is still investigating intermittent download problems with Cloudcare DE.
    Apr 3, 13:07 EDT Investigating - We are currently experiencing issues with downloading new installer packages, creation of new policies, and modification of existing policies.

    • Users will not be able to download new install packages, create policies, or modify existing policies.
    • All other services will remain operational.
    Apr 3, 12:46 EDT Please subscribe to http://status.cloudcare.avg.com/ to receive these updates automatically.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Chris - Avast Business in Updates to Partner Support   
    After a thorough analysis of our support function, we have made some changes to provide you with even better support. Because of low call volumes on the weekends, we have moved our weekend resources to weekdays to provide superior 24/5 support. For emergency P1 issues, we will maintain our response time of 4 hours on weekends. Changes are effective immediately.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to ProLogic in Hyper-V Backup   
    Great thanks for the info.
    I'll give Veeam a bash.
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    SofTec Solutions got a reaction from ProLogic in Hyper-V Backup   
    We have some clients using Datto Siris appliances.  It is designed as a turn-key managed solution and has hardware, software and cloud services combined.  They did use the Storage craft software as an agent, but now I believe it is their own in-house agent.  They do have a program where you can install their software on your own hardware, which would reduce some expense.  But there still is a Cloud component.
    We have tried the StorageCraft agents pushing to NAS boxes.  Just experiments in the shop really.  We haven't used the software enough to make a good judgement on it, but I have heard good things about them  They also have cloud services.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in unable to change the # of blocks assigned   
    seems to be working properly this morning.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Jeremy in 3.6.3 Clients Stop Reporting   
    I just noticed this issue on 3 out of the 6 systems that are running Online Backup. The Fixcfg.exe reported here resolved the 3 systems that were affected. Thankfully I found this thread as support took 4 days to get back to me and they told me to reinstall CloudCare.
    This morning I noticed a 4th system not reporting and that was definitely immediately after upgrading to 3.6.4. Again Fixcfg.exe resolved the issue.
    Apparently the 3.6.4 client is still not reporting back to the console. I have to run Fixcfg.exe and reboot the server in order for it to show up in the console daily. If I don't run Fixcfg.exe it will not report to the console.
    I have verified on: https://dashboard.avgonlinebackup.com/ that the device is backing up as it should, its simply not reporting back to the console. I have not updated the other systems to 3.6.4 that are using online backup. My ticket number with support is: 04137739
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Cybereal in 3.6.3 Clients Stop Reporting   
    Starting on or around 11/7 several of my OLB clients stopped reporting to the console.  These clients are 3.6.3 fully up to date and are running properly, but not being updated in the console.  This appears random, as other devices at the same client are still reporting properly.  This has occurred at at least 3 of my clients with seemingly no particular cause.  I have just sent a support email but have yet to be assigned a case number.  Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in So how do you restore?   
    The versions are kept until you delete the file.
    The different versions also do not count against your backup bucket. When calculating the space used, it is based off the single largest version of the file.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to ProLogic in How does everyone like AVG MW?   
    Hi BMirsky,
    Not used LabTech, but if you want to ask me specific questions about MW I'll try an answer on my limited knowledge of it.
    It is good, but you have to put in the time to set it up properly. The Onboarding Menu help you with this, giving common reasons why things are not working.
    I found it very useful, like reporting BSOD stop errors, disk errors, critical services had stopped, site not communicating, etc.
    The remote control tools need to be looked at, but there are other remote tools that are useful, like remote command prompt for example.
    And again I agree with A+, the pricing structure isn't fair, I would rather the pay as you go type pricing like with the other CC products.
    I hope this helps.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to RoundTable Technology in OLB Policy not being followed!!!   
    That sounds like a partial fix to me (to have a dialog box saying you can't use a wildcard). The real fix would be to support wildcard all together. I found this searching for that very feature.
    I want to set a policy for all the user backups that backs up:
    But nothing else.
    Current backup space is getting filled because it is backing up all the garbage it finds in AppData, and a backup that would be 10MB for a low usage user is now 400+MB because of the stuff in AppData. This also backs up .OST files which in many people's opinion is a useless file to back up. It is just cache of what is on the Exchange server so redundant, and generally useless without the Outlook profile that created it. You guys need to look at your default file type selectors and default backup "documents" profile.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Time to give OLB pricing another look   
    There is no question that for small customers, with multiple computers, without a lot of data, AVG OLB is usually the better deal. Where I am finding a big difference is when we get customers that only need a single block for a single computer and larger customers that need a lot of backup space. In these cases, the AVG pricing model just isn't as attractive.


    1. Our business, has roughly 3.5-4 TB of what I would call "critical" data. My raw cost to store this data with AVG, even at our reduced pricing levels is still more what other providers would charge me at retail value.

    2. Looking at our average home user, with a single computer, needing a single 25GB block, I my raw cost over a year is still more than others providers retail price, and they are offering unlimited space. In some cases, my raw cost for a year is close tho the other providers 2 year retail price

    That is the problem I'm seeing.


    For the business plans, the majority of the backup providers are offering unlimited computers now, so that isn't a unique selling point for AVG anymore. Also, most of the competition support backing up from mac and many also support mobile devices. AVG is getting further and further behind even though the software they licensed for OLB supports PC, MAC, Android and iphone/ipad.


    we are finding that many of our customers are asking if they can just pay us for the year upfront (which we are happy to accept), and pay for any extra storage they may need as they need it. When you factor in multi-year discount rates with other providers, AVG is being left in the dust on pricing.

    managing everything from one portal is the reason I love the cloud care product. Its much easier to go to one place than two or three places to manage my clients. However, I still need to convince a new customer to pay more to have the ability to manage everything from one portal.

    For a small business with a single server, and less then 250 GB of data to back up, I agree, AVG is the better choice. But again, for larger clients its not as attractive. Example: I have a client with multiple servers and 500 GB of backup storage with AVG. We gave them a hell of a deal on storage space, but if we had price matched some of the competition, we would be losing money each month right now.

    I am glad to hear that AVG is reviewing the pricing for the OLB service, that was the whole point of the post.

    I don't have any plans to start selling other backup software, I just want to be able to compete with the other backup providers on pricing. I need to be able to offer our customers the best price in the industry regardless if they are purchasing a single block or 160 blocks for a single machine, or dozens servers.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to A+ Computers in Time to give OLB pricing another look   
    I was doing some pricing comparisons with a client today, and I was quite shocked at just how inexpensive some of AVG’s competitors in the cloud backup category are.

    For example, Carbonite server pro bundle offers 500 Gb of storage, includes hyper-v, exchange, SQL , Oracle, laptops and desktops, with local and cloud targets for servers, all for $1000 per year.

    Currently, for 500 GB of OLB space with AVG, our raw cost is $1320 for the year. This will obviously vary depending on which pricing band a re seller is in, so cost may be lower or higher. This does not include Hyper-V, oracle or local backup targets for servers. If I want local backup targets for servers, I need to pay an extra $65\month ($780\year)for shadow protect.

    Extra storage for carbonite is also $100\year for 100GB. AVG’s raw cost to me is $264 per year for 100 GB of storage.

    I know that AVG is licensing SOS, so really can’t control the raw cost as much as they could if they were using an in-house solution, but I think AVG needs to take another look at the OLB pricing, as its becoming harder and harder to sell OLB to our clients when other providers offer more features and functionality for a lower cost at retail than I can get at cost. I need to make money to make selling AVG worth my time. Currently if I was to resell OLB at just $10 per 25 GB pool, that client would be looking at spending $2400 a year for 500GB of storage. Tough sell when the competition is less than half that.

    I did receive the sales/marketing e-mail the other week advertising a 50% discount for new OLB clients of 50 GB or more, but that offer is only until the end of the year. If AVG can afford to sell storage at a 50% discount, they can afford to do much better on regular pricing so that we can continute to compete with the other companies in this market segment and bring in new business.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Matthew Adkins in New AVG RMM Pricing?   
    I'm pretty sure that thought has occurred to the AVG management, SofTec hence the service module in Managed WorkPLACE allowing much greater CloudCare management inside Managed Workplace.  I think combining the two products may make sense, eventually. Remember that Managed Workplace is primarily not an agent based system and utilizes an on-site SQL express database on a dedicated system. The Service Center portal requires a back-end server with full SQL as well and is mostly run at the service provider's premise (AVG does cloud hosting as well). The removal of the WSUS requirement has made it a lot cheaper and simpler to deploy, however there is still a lot more going on with Managed Workplace than with CloudCare. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see MW technology work its way into the CloudCare platform or even a platform merge, but it will take time to do right. One of the many attractions of Managed Workplace is vendor neutrality so it will take time for many existing partners to become comfortable with the idea. One major reason I use MW is the agentless setup and ability to really know and manage the entire client LAN environment. Any product doing RMM has to handle things like Syslog and SNMP as well as up/down alerting. Also, for many of us RMM isn't an add-on, it's bread and butter so experienced MSPs won't adopt a merged product without a high level of confidence that the product will perform to the standards of the standalone product. Not squashing your idea in any way here, just mentioning that the AVG team will certainly have some hurdles in any code merge and will need some time to poll the partner base and make the product we want.
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    SofTec Solutions reacted to Brad H in Competitve Pricing, planned for the near future?   
    I wanted to touch base and see if any competitive pricing for AVG Back-up is in the works for the future.  We use AVG and AVG Cloud care at 98% of our clients. It would make sense to use AVG online backup, however the pricing is out of scope of competitors.
    $100 a year, unlimited device(s) per user .  This normally is 2 PC's, Tablet, Smartphone for each user. 
    Space: Unlimited ( a true unlimited backup, no limitations). Some users have over 5TB uploaded.  
    Web interface to access files anywhere.  Also may stream video directly, full screen in HD.  Works with Power Point too. Great for clients on the go.
    This is the current product offering we have in place with a competitive cloud based backup software. 
    $100 per person a year, multiple devices, unlimited space, tons of features, including sharing.
    You don't have to look around long to find something like we are using.  I would like to move forward with AVG as it's a product we offer already, to do that it will need to be in scope of the market value, along with providing more features.
    Hoping something like will be in the making soon.
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