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  1. 1 hour ago, SofTec Solutions said:

    Yeah, I am think Veeam or StorageCraft may be a better fit.  Datto will be hundreds a month for sure.  Veeam is the best for the two for a virtual backup.

    Any experience with them both/either?

  2. Thanks Guys,

    I did look at Veeam, do you use it, any pros, cons and costs?

    How much is the Datto?

    Someone from AVG introduced me to Infoscale but it was very expensive. I have one client with 2.5TB of VSDX files. It was going be be hundreds a month. I'm happy to provide the Hardware if I can find a way to feed the VM to us.

    Also had issues with VM Snapshots when doing it manually. The VSDA files are as important as the VSDX but if you don't get them all you are buggered. Also rebuilding the them both as caused issues when restoring from a USB disk, this is way I want a Hyper-V aware backup solution that takes care of it all. 


  3. Hi All,

    Looking for an off site Hyper-V backup solution, one that is Hyper-V aware. Apparently from what I read just coping/backing up up the VSD(X) is not recommended as the VSD(X) can change while you copy them.

    I would like to "trickle feed" them to another Hyper-V server off site via the internet, so if the server when down we could either;

    A) Restore the Hyper-V sessions using a bit level delta copy (changes at binary level), so restores are quick.

    B) Boot up the Hyper-V on the backup server so the customer as no downtime, or even us boot it up to access individual files.


    Any thoughts / experience?



  4. Hi A+,

    I maybe off mark here, but I did have an issue with some software that crashed if ran before 10am.

    I found the time format to be the issue as it was set to "h:mm:ss" not "hh:mm:ss" this meant 9am would be " 9:00:00" (notice the space at the front) not "09:00:00" the leading space was casing the crash. 

    The software as since been fixed.


  5. I know it off subject now but how I compare two file structures is...

    1. Obtain file list from source (usually dir /a/b/s)

    2. Obtain file list from dest.

    3. Using "find and replace all" in a text editor trim off leading path names so both file lists have consistent path names.
    ie remove "f:\backup\mydata" from dest list and and "d:\mydaya" from source.

    4. Sort both lists in A-Z order. (example type filename.txt|sort > newfilename.txt)

    5. Use a MS program called WinDiff to compare the two files. WinDiff will show you any missing or extra lines either side of the lists. In this case any extra files in the backup and any files not backed up. You can then use the View option to show only lines missing from the left or right then export to a text file if you wish.

    Any questions let me know.


  6. I concur, you shouldn't have a problem running all as DM.

    However OSM is very useful, like showing up new devices, monitoring routers, switches, printers, and anything with an IP.

    Without active directory I've found it difficult to manage devices with just OSM. Don't know if A+ as a work around? So we too deploy DM across all Windows devices in that case.


  7. Hi Dave,

    Make sure the option "Retransfer Entire File" is not selected, also make sure you have loads of free space in your olb cache folder.

    Also depends on the file, I've found some MDBs to seem retransmit in full whereas PSTs go quickly...

    Obviously you need at least one successful backup while caching is enabled for the binary delta compression to work.



  8. Hi HuskyLogic,

    When we had MW the price was per device, Servers one price and anything else with an IP is another.

    If you are a 1 man band it's ideal. It will allow you to manage your time better as you will know problems before the customer reports it to you.

    Example having an alert that the Exchange Transport Service as stopped in the middle of the night, you can get this sorted before the customer brews their first coffee of the morning.. Better that a phone call while you are driving 50 miles the other way..

    It's a commitment contract so you have to have a realistic idea on how many devices you want to manage before you sign up.

    Now.. here is the big tip! It takes some setting up (if you want it right) multiply that my the number of sites you manage and that equals a lot of time.

    So my advise is.. Push for a long trial period and deploy to as many sites as you can during that trial. May point is if you sign up to manage 500 devices and it take you 3 months to get there you will be loosing out.


  9. You can do this from the web "My Account" section of the OLB.


    Select your device in the CloudCare Platform,

    Click "View and Restore Files" under the "AVG Online Backup Service",

    Click your Device in the WebPage.

    Brill down the the file(s) you need.

    If there is version history you will see a drop down arrow next to the time & date of the file.

    Select the required version and click recover.





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