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  1. Pricing is discussed here -> http://community.cloudcare.avg.com/topic/415-online-backup-features-request/?hl=%2Bcost+%2Bbackup#entry2116


    In a nutshell:


    "As for US pricing see below. AS Paul stated no limit on devices under customer account. We had done lot of price analysis. Per device model may look cheaper from Marketing perspective but may turn out more expansive when you start using service (administratively difficult to go back and forth with customers).
    Band – Silver (1 to 1000 GBs) $6.00 per 25 GBs per month   Band – Gold (1001 to 2000 GBs) $5.75 per 25 GBs per month   Band – Platinum (2001+ GBs) $5.50 per 25 GBs per month"

  2. Is there a fix for the UAC issue coming soon?  I have yet to get a single machine to work but I'm not even bothering to try anymore until the UAC no longer stops the backup.  I'm hoping that the automatic .NET install will be coming soon as well.  Once some of these basic issues are ironed out, I'll consider giving it a whirl again.  At this point, it's not worth my time to mess with, as I wouldn't dream of expecting a client to suffer through any of this.

  3. I tried on two different Windows 7 machines.  One refuses to even show the AVG ONLINE BACKUP BETA although it seems to realize it exists on the CC portal.  The other machine does exactly what BMirsky describes.  I click on the OLB option, enter my password and the box vanishes with no other activity forthcoming.  Very frustrating to say the least.  It seems to be more of an early stage Alpha release than an "almost ready for the world" Beta release.

  4. Since my home computer never updated automatically, I went ahead and ran the manual update. It worked fine. I went into my portal and altered the settings to enable backup and it shows that I have it enabled. I clicked the link to install it remotely, which immediately turned grey. Hours later, I have since rebooted and am still unable to view any backup options on the tray icon and the option to (re)install remains grey. So the portal seems confused that while on the one hand it has me marked down for 1 OLB trial, it doesn't show me as having it installed or allow me to (re)install it. On the system tray, it shows that it is updated to 2.5 but there are no OLB options. I'm guessing this isn't working how it's supposed to be. Am I doing something wrong? It really shouldn't be this hard just to install it on an existing client machine.

    ** Ah, sweet timing. Not sure if it was just random happenstance or if it was because I tried the re-authenticate option, but moments after posting this, I got another "AVG is updating" notification and when I check the system tray icon, the OLB option was there...

    ** And now it's gone again... :blink:


    ** Hitting re-authenticate does make it try to download the update and it then lists the Beta OLB option for a few seconds.  However, seconds later that option is gone...

  5. Weird.  They must have changed that recently.  I had access for about two months and I just randomly signed up.  But what's odd is I don't get a "bad password/username" error.  AS soon as I click the "LOGIN" option, it goes to the "redirect loop" error.  


    If they don't allow open access, it's a moot point anyway.  I'd love to know what's going on over there but I totally understand if it's a "members only" forum...

  6. The two reasons I never signed on with LPI was 1. the up-front, annual payment and contract; and 2. the pricing scheme.  Both GFIMax and AVG have spoiled me by the "pay as you go" feature and I really think that's the model people will be switching over to instead of making you sign up for a year and sign up ahead of time for X number of licenses.  It may not be a big deal for larger companies but for the little squirts like me, it's a no go situation.


    I really hope the pricing and contract changes to what Cloudcare offers - monthly or annually and you pay for what you use.  I'll sign up tomorrow and start deploying immediately.  Until then, I'm still looking around...

  7. I used to be able to access the LPI forums but now when I try, I get an error message that "This webpage has a redirect loop."


    It happens in IE, Chrome and FF.  I've followed every basic troubleshooting step I can find online about this error but no luck on getting into the LPI forums anymore.  :(

  8. Not quite what he is asking. 


    After the backup has run, how does the end user know that a file has been backed up?


    From what I recall from the webinar, the answer, is no, there is no indication to the user that a file has been successfully backed up as there is no Windows explorer integration.


    That's exactly what I meant.  An icon showing the backup is currently running is great for the EU to see why their computer may be running slower than expected but I'm talking about a way to glance at any file and know immediately if it's been backed up.  If the message board will allow me to upload a photo, I'll attach an example that shows a handful of documents from my desktop.  Some have green dots, some don't.


    Sigh.  Since I'm still forbidden from uploading files greater than 4.17KB, I guess you'll have to trust me.  Is there any particular reason, I'm limited to 4KB for an upload?  It seems a tad harsh...


    I'd attach a screenshot of the error message regarding my upload limit but... well, I hope you get the point...

  9. Thanks so much for posting all the Q&A from the webinar.


    1. Is there any plan for retention in the future?  While I like the idea that I have unlimited versioning and even better, I'm not being charged extra for it, I can't help but think that this will come back to bite you (AVG) in the butt.  It just seems like an awful lot of wasted space.  If my clients only want 30 days of backups but you have 2 years worth, that seems completely unnecessary and a massive waste of space.  And I certainly don't expect anybody to manually clean things out, as that's way too much of a time waste.  


    I'd think that options like "30/60/90 day + [create your own timeframe] + unlimited" would be great options.  And you could even charge more for unlimited option since it could get crazy.


    2. Also, are there plans to have multiple data centers?  Or will we have information on the one data center available at some point just so we can answer security questions a client may ask?


    3. Any plans for an icon overlay to visually assure EU what files are safely backed up?  (Similar to Carbonite and/or Zoolz.)  I find it's a snazzy little feature to re-assure users that data has successfully been backed up when they see the happy green dot.

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