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  1. So what happened with the 24 X 7 support we're supposed to have as resellers?   I have been having nothing but issues with customers Content Filters, blocking or warning about almost every single site they try to get to.  Garbage sites, fine.  But not for every site.   This is pathetic.   This needs to be addressed yesterday, and then support apparently is only available during Business hours now?  When every where I've checked on Avast's site, it's 24 X 7.   Right.   Competitors are starting to look much better from the past 4 months of lousy support.

  2. Just curious as to when we will be able to actually update our clients PC's?   I get "Virus database update not run on device for extended period time" warning email, yet the option to actually push the update from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 is still not functioning?    I need the update, as too many of the client PC's are not having the options available as per the add-on components.




    1. Dave Huttema

      Dave Huttema

      So, no input on this Avast?   I get regular notices that machines need to be updated, but I can't push any updates from my dashboard?    Where is the support on this?  


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