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    Kevin reacted to A+ Computers in OLB Installed Greyed out   
    Edit customer profile and services, click the services tab and ensure the OLB service is being offered.
    Shadow protect is part of the OLB service, so OLB must be offered before shadow protect is available for install
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    Kevin got a reaction from Terry Mumford in How to offer and install the AVG Online Backup Service and ShadowProtect   
    To increase the amount of data for that customer, go to Partner Portal>Customer>Edit Customer Profile and Services>Services>AVG Online Backup Service>Backup Plan. From here you can increase the in 25 GB increments.
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    Kevin reacted to CloudCare in Nothing happens when right clicking avg online backup beta   
    From the release notes:
    No Online Backup Service BETA Data Yet – The AVG Online Backup BETA data located on the Partners Customer summary page will not populate with data until the next release version. This includes

    - Used space
    - Backup summary's Total protected files
    - And all Open backup alerts
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    Kevin reacted to ProLogic in Ability to control (disable) SALES / OPPORTUNITY alerts   
    Hi BMirsky,
    Under your account log in, click Account, Profile and drop down the Combo box Sales Alerts.
    You should be able to 'unsubscribe' to each type of sale alert here.
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