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  1. Just an update for you all.  After attempting to change the backup type from manually set to 50GB to auto-upgrade, it worked.  However the backup storage never increased.  I set it back to manual control at 50GB limit, and the next night it worked successfully again.  So obviously the answer was to temporarily set it to auto-upgrade, let it run a successful backup, then set it back to manual control.  No need to increase storage sooner than necessary.

  2. 21 minutes ago, A+ Computers said:

    Go the the client, hit the devices tab and then use the "view" dropdown to change from Device list to Uninstalled devices with backup data.

    There may be an old device that is stuck there with a bunch of backed up data you can delete.

    Thanks for the suggestion but I remembered to check that already and there was nothing there.

  3. I got the solution as much as it doesn't make sense. Tech support insisted it was lack of storage even though only using 44GB out of 50GB container.  Setting to 75GB container failed.  But setting to auto-upgrade worked.  In the end, the backup is still using only 44GB, however it has a 75GB container and I don't know how this works for billing.  I believe I pay for the container size whether I use it or not. This is not cool if that's the case.  I only charge the client for what they use.

  4. I have a problem where a clients backup cancels immediately after backing up.  I contacted tech support, they reviewed log files and said it is due to lack of storage even though they are only using 88% of 50GB.  I knew that wasn't the answer but increased storage container anyway just to prove that is not the answer.  I'm sure someone fixed this for me before but I don't remember the actual solution.  Does anyone know the real answer to this problem?

  5. 1 minute ago, SofTec Solutions said:

    For us, we don't know if it is not working.  Like the saying goes "I don't know what I don't know."  We also have Outlook sorting the "backup completed" messages into an "AVG backups" folder.  (I know, I need to update the name.)  But that is only the successful backups.  You are telling me that we may have unsuccessful backups and we are unaware of them.


    I will need to do some digging to find an unsuccessful backup.  Or maybe force one to fail.  We have one client that sometimes hits a space limit, and we get an email on that, and then we resolve the issue.  But we just thought things have been rolling along smoothly.

    Yes, basically if we don't have a successful alert, even for one folder in an advanced backup for a particular device, we should get either an overdue alert or a failed alert.  I've had several instances where I got no alert at all.  But like you said, seeing a missing successful alert raises a red flag, but it's hard to do that with advanced folder backup having multiple alerts for a single device.  I'd have to know how many alerts to expect off each device to know if a successful alert is missing.  So we can't trust to go by what is missing.

  6. 27 minutes ago, A+ Computers said:

    What I've done to track "completed" backups is to create a folder for each client account under a main "backups" folder in outlook and auto sort the completed alerts via inbox rules to the proper client folder. That way I can see every morning which clients backup didn't run just by glancing at the number of folders without a new message in them.

    It works well for me as we only have about 20 client backups I need to monitor.

    Very intelligent approach!  I may adopt this as well.  Thanks for sharing.

    However this is still a service we are paying for that should be working and from what I'm hearing so far, it's not working.  It's not just me.

  7. 1 hour ago, Pete - Avast Business said:

    @Twinbytes Inc After raising the issue with the team, Support has requested that you put in a ticket so they can investigate with you directly!

    I did start with a ticket, but they wanted details I couldn't remember.  This is a general issue it seems.  I wanted to see what the community has to say.  I will need to find a problem again but it takes time digging unless one stands out again and I have time to call right away.

    Has anyone ever received a failed alert?

  8. Since I've noticed the backup success and overdue alerts have been working well, I noticed the "backup failed" alerts just never happened.  I had one instance I looked into deeper because even though in the main dashboard it says the backup successfully "Ran", there was no successfully backup alert.  There was no "backup failed" alert either, so I decided to look into that device backup history and I saw the backup failed.  I should have gotten a backup failed alert.

    The issue is, how many other clients are getting this, and with advanced folder backup, I can't see what "backup success" alerts are missing and judge by that.  I should get a "backup failed" alert.  To look at the backup history every single day for every device is way too time consuming.  We need to have backup failed alerts.

    My questions to the forum here are... has anyone ever received backup failed alerts?  Can anyone else say they NEVER received backup failed alerts?  This will be good to prove if there is a bug in the reporting.

  9. I have a couple clients that were used to their previous backup solution automatically shutting down the workstations after the backups ran.  I don't seem to find any such option with the cloud backup.  Is it hiding somewhere I don't see?  Can we add this feature?  What can I do in the mean time?

  10. I've found that a solution to many problems is Clearing the Cache and then Reauthenticating 30 seconds later.  I'd like to know if I can do this behind the scenes without having to log into each computer manually?  If I know the location on the hard drive for where the files are located, I can create my own script or use PowerShell behind the scenes using my managed services.

    Is this possible?  if files exist, can someone tell me where these two files are located?

  11. I can't find a manual to read and tech support, when I spoke with them last, didn't give me the best confidence in their response.  I would like to fully understand the difference between the two methods of the OLB.  Advanced Folder Backup gives us some clear options and explains with help tips what they do such as backup retention.  However, can someone at least explain what the File and Folder Backup does by default as far as backup retention goes?  Or link me to a manual?

    I like that the 1st backup option gives us a single alert versus the 2nd option giving an alert for each folder being backed up which is overwhelming.  However, I don't want to sacrifice losing data with automated options I can't confirm.

    For example, if using File and Folder Backup, and someone deletes as file by accident, but they don't realize they deleted it until the next time they go to look for it months later...will this file still be in the backup, or does the backup delete files automatically after a certain period of time if not recovered, assuming we meant to delete it?

  12. I just spoke with tech support again today, they confirmed that there is a known bug in the reporting they are working on.  It causes alerts to now show up, as well, it doesn't show the "Last Backup Status", even though the "Last Successful Backup" shows the current date.  We just have no way of confirming success or failure currently.  We just know the backup was run but could have failed or could be successful.  You'd have to drill down into the details to confirm for sure, which is too time consuming and not realistic.  We just need to cross our fingers in the short term until the bug is resolved.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Pete - Avast Business said:

    Hi @Twinbytes Inc, I've spoken with support on the specific issue you're having and they would like to speak with you directly on this!

    Thanks, but I haven't had time to get on an anticipated long support call with this at this time.  I figured I'd post here first and see if anyone else having the same problems or an easy solution.  Maybe even just to say it's a bug they are working on.  I'll have to call when I have time.

  14. I have a client that is set to backup 125GB of data.  The software shows it used 103GB.  My dashboard shows he has backed up 106GB.  The big question, is although those numbers are all off by a bit, why is the local folder for online backup filling up the hard drive with 232GB leaving us with no disk space?  Only 4GB disk space left on C drive.

    I've deleted the files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Avast Business Cloud Backup\ but the files seem to want to double the storage space required for backup.  Why is it filling up the entire hard drive?  Attached screen shot of files in said directory.


    Full Drive.JPG

  15. I had a client that was using 120% of 150GB package.  So I upgraded to the next one up being 175GB container.  Now I look at their dashboard and immediately the used capacity change to 57% of the 175GB now showing using only 85.43GB.

    Now that I upgraded an extra 25GB I don't even need half of what I had?  Which is correct?  I have no idea if I just lost alot of data that was backed up or if it's not refreshing properly in the dashboard?  Also if not correct in the dashboard, how do I know it was accurate that I had to upgrade the plan in the first place?  Something is wrong here and I don't know what to do.  But all of a sudden I have a much larger container than what I need apparently.

    I just upgraded one client before them successfully and looks normal.

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