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  1. I have been checking all of my clients and there hasn't been a patch to be installed since the last update for all of my clients. Now I would love for that to be true, but I doubt it. I also noticed if I go to a specific device it will show a number of missing patches and when I click on the number I get a blank list not showing any patch no matter how I filter the results. I also checked the clients with patching have the latest 4.30.402.

  2. I have been selling more and more of the patching every day. I find it is a useful overlap to already using Managed Workplace with some clients. I will say as of late the patching seem to fail a lot. When I started using it you would get a failure once in a while, but it seems now that the patching is failing all over the place, but to be honest so is the patching through Managed Workplace. Most clients I approach with the concept of have automated updates scheduled, they see a value in that service. I am not sure how everyone else is doing with it, but for me when the patches are successful it is a great addition to our services. Jeff

  3. I am working with a client to build up their Site Security Scores. I generated a detailed security report and applied all recommendations, but the score doesn't seem to increase that much. I reviewed all items last night. It only increase by 2%. Is there a command I can run to force the MWP to check for the updated items?

  4. I was looking over some of the patches that were failing even on my own computer. It is trying to install Windows 10 1607 patches on Windows 10 1703 computer. Of course they are going to fail. Is there a way to fix this or defer these updates?

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