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  1. I am looking for a MW automation that will measure upload and download bandwith from Speedtest.net AND measure latency.  I would like a way to dump this a MW report and show Internet bandwidth and latency over time. 

    I have played around a bit with the speedtest automation that comes baked into MW, but I don't think it will do quite what we are looking for.

    Has anyone done something like what I'm asking about, and is this even possible with MW?  We currently have a monitoring product deployed at some customer sites that will do exactly this*, but we are hoping to be able to move this functionality into MW.


    *(Our current third party product measures upstream and downstream bandwidth, latency, and jitter every six hours and provides a graph with the results plotted over time.)

  2. Currently, if OLB is unable to backup some files, there is not any sort of notification of this.  The daily backup report that goes out still reports "Success" on the backup job status.  

    For example, we have a customer that we learned had been regularly getting several of the same files missed every OLB backup due to an issue with the VSS service on the computer.  We had no idea this was happening until we did a regular quality check of the files inside of the OLB online portal and noted that in that interface every single OLB backup had been reporting warning.  Somehow, however, this warning had been getting translated into "Success" by the Avast OLB reporting system.  

    The backup report that Avast generates needs to note when files that are supposed to be in the backup pool are unable to be backed up.  It would also be great if we could get a detailed report of every file backed up and the status directly from the Avast portal instead of having to log into the Infrascale backup page for that device.

  3. Hi,

    Is there an Active Directory Management Module available somewhere for Managed WorkPlace?  It seems right now that all of our AD interactions through Managed WorkPlace are via the script library.  This has its uses, but I would prefer some sort of graphical management module, especially for our techs.  We have been performing our annual due  diligence review of other RMM solutions, and it seems that many of the other RMM products have graphical AD management modules integrated into the RMM that make it very easy for techs to do things like reset passwords, edit AD user accounts, provision exchange email accounts, and some other additional functions that vary from RMM to RMM.

    Am I not seeing this functionality in MW or does it not exist for ManagedWorkplace?

  4. I spent quite a bit of time with AVG MW level 2 tech support this morning about this issue.  Here is the low-down.

    This issue appears to be a bug that has been present in the 10.x code and it affects Cisco Small Business 500 and 300 series switches.  My support representative was able to fire up a switch after we explained what was happening and immediately reproduce the issue.  Once he was able to confirm the issue, he fired up a bug report to the MW development team.


    As a temporary workaround, he opened the MW onsite manager config file at the customer location and disabled ssh.  


    FYI -- ssh has to either be enabled or disabled for the entire site covered by the onsite manager.  MW uses ssh to perform automation tasks on Mac OS, unix/linux systems, and networking devices that have automation mechanisms in MW.



  5. We have a customer on MW with an onsite manager that is having a really strange Windows Update issue.

    The affected server is the onsite manager and is running server 2012.  The server keeps cycling through the following steps endlessly:

    1.  Tries to apply update KB2975331

    2.  Reboots computer to apply update and fails

    3.  Reboots again to roll back update

    4.  Rinse and Repeat


    Here is what we have tried to fix this issue

    1.  Change the status of the patch to Declined

    2.  Worked with MW support to remove all references to this patch from the onsite manager's database

    3.  Completely reset, re-registered, and cleared caches, etc. of all Windows Update settings.  (Windows Update database, re-register WU dll's, reset wsus registry entries, etc)

    4.  A physical examination of the MW onsite manager database shows no Windows updates pending for the server in question


    It seems the only way we can keep this reboot cycling from happening is to disable and stop the Windows Update service on the server.  This, however, is not a 100% temporary workaround because we have had the disabled server reset itself to "automatic" and start up twice during reboots.


    We are waiting for MW level two to get back into contact with us.  No one seems to know what is causing these update cycles to happen.


    Anyone have any advice? 



  6. We have a customer that has MW and 4 network closets with stacked Cisco 500 series switches.  The onsite manager maxes out the number of ssh sessions on the switches.  The result is that we can't access the switches through ssh either via MW or directly using putty, etc.  If we log onto the web gui of the switches, we see several ssh sessions open from the IP of the OnSite manager to the switch.  If we stop and then re-start ssh on the switches, then we can connect for a few hours.  After a period of time, however, the situation repeats itself.

    We worked with MW to adjust the way SSH works on the switches (enabled client authentication -- so they don't open a virtual console before allowing ssh logon, but connect directly to the ssh terminal upon connection on port 22), but this has not resolved the issue.  If we exclude the switches from MW and restart ssh on the switches, the problem goes away.  

    Has anyone else noticed this issue?  Has anyone found a solution?


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