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  1. OK, just dipping my toe in the murky waters of AVG Online Backup and it's not a good start to be honest. I have various issues, but the main one is the inability to back up. Which is inconvenient for a backup program.


    I had AVG installed on a machine. So I created and installer with the backup component in and installed it over the top. That caused the anti-virus components to disable themselves. When you "fix the problem" it enables then disables again. 

    So I removed AVG completely. Deleted the folders in program files and programdata rebooted and installed it again. Anti-virus components are working, but when I go into the online backup program I get this:




    Tried removing and installing twice, but no joy.


    I may have missed something or I've just found a bug. Anyone else had this problem? If so how did you fix it?



  2. I had a customer getting the "New network Connection Point Detected" popup on all PCs every morning, but I updated them to 2.3.1 last week and they said it's stopped happening.


    The initial scan thing is a pain the backside and I agree customers should not be bothered with any messages from AVG.

  3. Hi Bryan


    If you are using Outlook 2010/ 2013 you can right click on the ribbon and select customise. Scroll down until you find AVG and highlight it. Then click on remove.


    I think I'm right in saying that it will remove the button but keep the AVG Email plugin active. If you want to remove the plugin all together you can uninstall it or disable it in the Outlook add-ons section.


    Hope this help.



  4. Does that mean client machines running 2.2 and lower will update automatically once 2.3 is out or do we need to update everyone to 2.3 manually then updates will be apply automatically going forward?


    I have a client with 19 PCs to update, to see if it resolved the "new network detected" bug. If they are going to update automatically then that will save me a ton of time. Although I suspect to fix this problem I'll have to manually remove AVG and do a clean install on all 19PCs  :(



  5. It would be nice to be able to add multiple policies.


    For example I might have a workstation policy and a Sage policy. Rather than create a new policy for "workstaions with sage" you could just assign the 2 policies.


    This would cut down the number of policies that would need creating therefore saving a lot of time.





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