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    PCFella got a reaction from Bryan in Request to change a Feature within the Community Forum   
    Hi guys,
    the community forum was intended for use only by AVG Cloud resellers, A platform where we could participate in the AVG CloudCare development.  But each posted entry has a share icon in the top right which includes advertising us to Facebook, Twitter and countless other open community forums.
    I haven't tried it, I would hope that login to see the full posts would be challenged but it still advertises a resource which some would be keen to tap in to who maybe shouldn't be privy.
    Any chance that share option can be removed, I'm sure I speak for others when I say I wouldn't appreciate all comments made on here to be public, we are on here to help improve the system and while we do love the product (or we wouldn't be selling it) I'm sure the comments made can be easily taken as quite damming if put to the wrong context.
    The buttons can be clearly seen in the snapshots attached to this post.

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