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  1. ProLogic, I'm looking for a solution like we had on the Admin Server for updates. Yes, I will need it for the 100+ license user to cut down on bandwidth but I'll also probably implement it at the small shops as well because I currently have Admin Servers running at those locations.


    It just doesn't seem logical that we have all these PC's going back to the mother ship for updates rather than just one getting the updates and then making that update available to the other PC's on the network.


    I know you might mention that all the Windows updates come down to each PC separately but they don't update every 4 hours either.


    I'm just looking for an Update Server functionality much like is in the Admin server now. It doesn't have to keep track of client updates, doesn't have to record or monitor anything, just give me a way to set an Update Server for each of the client machines and I'll be happy.



  2. Guys, after looking at this some more it seems a better name for the "Set Update Agent" column in the "Set Master Agents" screen would be "Set Install Agent" because the terminalogy "Set Update Agent" sure sounds like a central update server function rather than a single use install server.



  3. Hey guys thanks for the reply but isn't that a bit "bandwidth consuming" to have all say 100 PC's going out to the web for updates instead of the "old" way of just checking with a local admin server for the updates. On the "old" business edition you could set the admin server as the first stop for updates and then if it didn't reply the workstation would then go to the web for updates. I'm just looking for that same capability here with Cloudcare.


    I don't want to transition a 100 count user over to Cloudcare and have all of their workstations start going to the web for their AVG updates. Checking for updates every 4 hours would put 100 stations X 6 checks/day = 600 new update requests over their limited bandwidth internet link. There has got to be a better solution especially since AVG already has an Admin server product.



  4. I had asked my sales rep about where CloudCare running on a PC gets it's updates. I was told from the web but that AVG was working on a local server version to run on a PC/Server on the local network. So far I have not heard anything about this now have I found any software to download and install to make this happen.


    I'm concerned about 100+ pc's all pulling the same update down from the web. The bandwidth concerns me. The previous Admin Server did it right by only pulling the updates down 1 time and then serving them out to all the users.


    Can anyone steer me in the right direction for how this works now and how it's intended to work in the future?





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