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    Jeremy reacted to PBHampton78 in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    Just finished a support call with Avast/AVG concerning this situation.  According to the tech, if you only use the following URL in place of what pops up in window (regardless of browser), it will take you to the proper screen so you can then access your client's data.  In essence, when the login screen pops up, delete everything back to what you see below.  I've verified that this works as I was able to properly access my clients cloud backup data.  Hope this helps.
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    Jeremy got a reaction from SofTec Solutions in view/restore link from portal brings up login screen   
    This is now happening in Firefox 60.0.1. Edge + IE 11 are working.
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    Jeremy got a reaction from SofTec Solutions in 3.6.3 Clients Stop Reporting   
    I just noticed this issue on 3 out of the 6 systems that are running Online Backup. The Fixcfg.exe reported here resolved the 3 systems that were affected. Thankfully I found this thread as support took 4 days to get back to me and they told me to reinstall CloudCare.
    This morning I noticed a 4th system not reporting and that was definitely immediately after upgrading to 3.6.4. Again Fixcfg.exe resolved the issue.
    Apparently the 3.6.4 client is still not reporting back to the console. I have to run Fixcfg.exe and reboot the server in order for it to show up in the console daily. If I don't run Fixcfg.exe it will not report to the console.
    I have verified on: https://dashboard.avgonlinebackup.com/ that the device is backing up as it should, its simply not reporting back to the console. I have not updated the other systems to 3.6.4 that are using online backup. My ticket number with support is: 04137739
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    You don't need to purchase another license to install OLB. Simply create an installer from that customers account, only include the OLB component and put it on whatever machine you want.
    OLB is licensed by the number of 25GB buckets you purchase, not the number of machines you install it on. You can have 100 machines all using the same OLB storage space if you wanted, or 1000, it doesn't matter. Just as long as you purchase enough space to hold all the stuff you are backing up you are good to go.
    Also, if you are looking for a complete disaster recovery plan, you may want to look into the shadowprotect offering. It will give you the ability to do bare metal restores, not just file level restores.
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    Jeremy reacted to A+ Computers in Remove Files from Cloud   
    its a little counter intuitive...
    Open the backup client from the computer that is being backed up
    Click view/restore
    select the + symbol next to each folder to expand that folders contents
    highlight the file or folder you want to delete and then press the X button
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