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  1. Is that limit going to change when beta is over? it would be nice to not have to get involved with a partner managed client just to restore their files if we don't have to. I don't see any real world reason why we would want to limit a client as to how much of their data they can restore on their own.


    Why complicate, right?

  2. How I've set it up is I checked off my mapped drive when selecting files and folders to back up in the OLB client. From there, I've given it user/pass to backup even if I'm not logged in.


    When I run the backup, it backs up only the local folders. If I have no local folders selected, it still calculates the amount of data on the mapped drive while setting up the backup, but when the backup is run, it calculates, then closes.

  3. I can select a mapped drive when configuring a backup, but when the backup runs, it skips the mapped drive as if it were never selected at all.


    I have a few clients who use stand alone NAS devices (dlink models mostly) and not having the ability to back up these devices is a deal breaker for them.


    Is there something I'm doing wrong, or does the cloud backup just not have the ability to backup mapped drives even though they can be selected?




    Follow up question to this, has anyone tried this with redirected folders? I'm interested to see if this is smart enough to follow the redirects.

  4. 2 whys a what and a how.

    Why would someone want to wait a few days for the bare metal recovery to be pushed to the new server.

    Why would someone want to pay that much a month extra for what could be an additional few days worth of disaster recovery

    What benefit does the cloud storage bare metal backup give me that a local bare metal backup ( like the FREE one included with windows server) does not?

    How does one go about initiating a bare metal recovery from the cloud? Is there a boot CD with lan drivers on it to connect to the cloud?

  5. 3. Any plans for an icon overlay to visually assure EU what files are safely backed up?  (Similar to Carbonite and/or Zoolz.)  I find it's a snazzy little feature to re-assure users that data has successfully been backed up when they see the happy green dot.




    The answer to 3 is Yes, the tray icon will show running backups.


    Not quite what he is asking. 


    After the backup has run, how does the end user know that a file has been backed up?


    From what I recall from the webinar, the answer, is no, there is no indication to the user that a file has been successfully backed up as there is no Windows explorer integration.

  6. Any chance we will get the ability to throttle the upload speed in the future? I don't have any clients with an 8Mb upload. If I don't have the ability to throttle it to something reasonable, its going to make it difficult to do remote IT services for those clients when the backup is running. Especially in an office with 20 workstations all running the backup at the same time as we do not have the ability to set different schedules in a policy.

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