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  1. we run a few sites strictly on device managers as well. No issues doing it that way. 

    However, we do also use mini-itx machines as onsite managers on many sites, both those with and without a server. The advantage to having a dedicated machine is that even if the server at a site goes down, we will still be able to control all the devices at a site.

    We just bundle the cost of the dedicated machine into the monthly costs and it is paid for over the course of the first year. I've found that an atom processor with 4GB or ram and a 60GB SSD is plenty for sites up to 30 devices. We have patch management setup so that the onsite manager doesn't cache the updates though, so if you are planning to centrally distribute them, you will want to go with a bigger drive in your OM machines.

  2. 48 minutes ago, ProLogic said:

    It's good, it fits a need for us, the clients we are using it on don't have a server so it's ideal.

    Not sure I could justify the cost on using it on customer who already have  server.


    I was able to justify it by automating our maintenance tasks and patch management for each client. We currently have 15 clients setup with it, some with servers, some without. We used to spend 2-3 hours a month per client running maintenance tasks and updates. That alone paid for the software.

    Now, we are also able to monitor things like cpu/mem/hdd usage, printer supplies, internet availability and more. Due to just these three things, we have been able to finally push some long needed upgrades on a few customers by showing them reports focusing on the under performing machines. We have also seen a large increase in printer supply sales as we are now able to tell when a customer is going to be needing toner and make the sale before someone goes out to some other store and buys it.

  3. The backup jobs are setup as tasks. Just open task scheduler and delete the appropriate task for your backup job.

    To remove the cloud data, open the olb software, choose view\restore and then delete the folders you want to remove.

    To clear the backup cache, go to the folder you specified or check under menu\advanced options\folders in the olb software to get the paths. Simply delete any data in those folders.

  4. I have now ran into this for the third time on this same client machine. The second time was over the summer and the case number was 00343092.


    After the first incident, I moved this particular machine to its own policy group and turned off the component update schedule. It looks like that does not stop AVG from pushing updated to machines when they want though as the machine is now running CC 3.4.1 and OLB version 


    If anyone else has a sql 2014 machine that they would like to backup with OLB, there is a work around. But, you will unfortunatly have to jump through some hoops each time AVG forces an update, even when you have set the machine to not update via policies. 

    1. Obtain an install file for OLB version

    2. uninstall cloud care

    3. reinstall cloud care without installing OLB

    4. Install OLB via the old installer file

    4. rename the old OLB install file and replace the one found in programdata\cloudcare\avgcloudcareinstall . Rename the old file to the exact same name as the new AVGBackupInstall_ found in this folder.

    6. Enable backup in the portal. 


    You should now once again be able to backup SQL 2014 DB's without issue. 

  5. I've still got a client with a 50/5 connection that is backing up sql at the measly rate of around 500kbps. As the sql databases it is backing up total nearly 40GB, this is causing issues as it is preventing the files/folders backup from running (due to waiting for the sql backup to finish).


    This client previously was able to backup the sql databases each day without issue.

  6. we recently became MW partner. There is an annual minimum, but it's less than 5k.

    You will want to ask your account manager for the AVG SMB consolidated reseller pricelist. This will have pricing for all of the services available along with the minimum annual fee.


  7. Well, I just checked on a server that alerted me that it hand't completed its backup in 3 days.


    What do you know, the backup is fluctuating  between 80 and 260 Kbps. This client has a 30/3 Mbps connection as tested multiple times on speedtest.net. It seems like the bottleneck would be on AVG's side. Normally the SQL backup of 21GB would finish overnight...

    I'm going to take a look at a couple of other servers to see if any others are uploading well below their normal speeds.

  8. I have not seen this myself. The backup should be using VSS to make a copy of the files to be uploaded through, which shouldn't cause any files to become locked, as that is the entire point of VSS. 


    Have you run any diagnostics on the disks? Checked to make sure raid caching is on? run "vssadmin list writers" from an elevated command prompt?

  9. Well, since this is the first time anyone has ever suggested it, AVG probably probably isn't yet considering it.


    Just to expand on ProLogic's post, OLB automatically creates a task for the backups, all you would have to do is edit the already created task and change to setting to run the task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed. 

    I think the reason this is not included is due to the unpredictable nature of hard drive transfer rates. Do you want your customers calling you to complain that their machine is slow for an hour in the morning only to find out it is because the missed backup job is running? I don't. I'd rather tell them they need to leave the machine on overnight if they want it to backup than to have it backing up during business hours.

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