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  1. HI @SofTec Solutions I am still running the restore test of 50GB, which is slower than I would like for the available broadband speed, but not unreasonable. it has just reached 50GB of 54GB download after almost exactly 2 hours

    Yet we login to https://us.cloudcare.avg.com not the de (German) one, but as using the software to download, not sure what server it is pulling from. i may see that in the logs afterwards. So it may be looking like a transatalantic cable bottleneck?

    @A+ Computers can I recommend you re-raise a support query and let them know UK reseller can downlaod at 25GB / hour which is wildly different from your experience. So must be a fault that needs fixing?

  2. hi @A+ Computers your comment had me worried, so checked on a client device, started a recovery using the software on device that did the backup (Server), and downloaded to temp folder. nothing special on broadband, normal VDSL. after 5 minutes over 2.5GB had downloaded. which means it is not excessively throttled.

    so either support do not know what they are talking about or they realised what you said was true and they have removed the throttle! (this was a 50GB file backup so was ideal comparison test) - I will let you know how long it took to complete, when completed.

  3. an addendum to above - backup on another client says succesful and has been for some time, but drill down to portal and it has 'completed with errors' - I don't consider that succesful! It failed 3 files as could not access them - the avast portal dshould report that, not say succesful!

    How do we go about getting this into the planning of Avast to fix? again not a feature - but what should be happening, I suppose a fault, but support are there to fix issues - this is design flaw which support can;'t help with.

    Help please Avast team @Pete - Avast Business and colleagues

  4. I am just looking at same issue, so nothing happened since your post last year. We can see Avast CC saying succesful on a client and has been for last month, but when drill down it says cancelled.
    The system had aslo ran out of room - but giving false sense of security to client as is client managed so he was not inclined to do anything - but hadn't backed up all month.

    @Pete - Avast Business as this is not really a 'feature' request - who do we mention this to to get something useful done?

  5. Just tried installing on 2008 Exchange server, same problem, right click AVG icon and Open AVG Beta OLB - nothing happens.
    I don't want to mess with UAC on live production environment, so went to SSTorage.exe as mentioned by HollandCS on 19 Aug and ran as Admin. I was then able to set up schedule of files, but it will not let me set up Exchange backup. I can go to the database and select it, but the Next button remains greyed out. :(

    This seems to have permission problems. Is the service being correctly installed?
    Also, why is it installed as 'Online Backup Service'? all other AVG products start with 'AVG' so easy to find in list of services, this one is buried. will there be a name change to make it easier to locate?



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