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Mickey B.

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    Charlotte, NC, USA
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    Computers, drums, music, and family

About Me

Started with computers in the early `80's. My first computer when I was a kid was an 8086 with MS-DOS 3.3, and my interest grew from there.

I consider myself a jack-of-all trades. First got into computer hardware (building computers, troubleshooting, and replacing components), and DOS (writing batch scripts). I've installed, used, and repaired every Windows home consumer product starting with 3.1 all the way though 10.

Dabbled with networking (mostly home consumer), app/web development (mostly HTML and CSS, but have played around with Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, and PHP), Windows Server OSes (setting up various server roles and AD), and who knows what else.

However, my passion is malware.

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