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    Matthew Adkins got a reaction from Tiffany Pruitt in Patching Experience?   
    I  emailed my rep and she responded very quickly to setup the NFR licensing. Sounds like the issue was with my last rep and not Avast as a whole.
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    Matthew Adkins got a reaction from SofTec Solutions in New AVG RMM Pricing?   
    I'm pretty sure that thought has occurred to the AVG management, SofTec hence the service module in Managed WorkPLACE allowing much greater CloudCare management inside Managed Workplace.  I think combining the two products may make sense, eventually. Remember that Managed Workplace is primarily not an agent based system and utilizes an on-site SQL express database on a dedicated system. The Service Center portal requires a back-end server with full SQL as well and is mostly run at the service provider's premise (AVG does cloud hosting as well). The removal of the WSUS requirement has made it a lot cheaper and simpler to deploy, however there is still a lot more going on with Managed Workplace than with CloudCare. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see MW technology work its way into the CloudCare platform or even a platform merge, but it will take time to do right. One of the many attractions of Managed Workplace is vendor neutrality so it will take time for many existing partners to become comfortable with the idea. One major reason I use MW is the agentless setup and ability to really know and manage the entire client LAN environment. Any product doing RMM has to handle things like Syslog and SNMP as well as up/down alerting. Also, for many of us RMM isn't an add-on, it's bread and butter so experienced MSPs won't adopt a merged product without a high level of confidence that the product will perform to the standards of the standalone product. Not squashing your idea in any way here, just mentioning that the AVG team will certainly have some hurdles in any code merge and will need some time to poll the partner base and make the product we want.
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