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  1. Dear Partners, 

    Due to a CloudCare billing issue, any monthly invoice that contained Cloud Backup or Antispam Email Security Services, was improperly generated yesterday. We will be regenerating all of these invoices (via a hotfix later today) to update them with the correct pricing so you are charged correctly. 

    Almost all of these invoices are still in an open status, so they have not been charged. Any invoices that have been charged will be handled on a case by case basis. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


    Avast Business

  2. Avast Business extends free security offers to protect its partners and customers.

    At Avast Business, we always put our channel partners and their SMB customers first. Supporting them during their time of need is one of our core values. With a large number of SMBs forced to shift to remote working, we are seeing a significant surge in cyberattacks like phishing, ransomware infections, and malware, as cybercriminals seek to exploit COVID-19.

    The most common techniques include bogus emails with links claiming to contain important updates and latest news on COVID-19. As reported by SkyNews, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issued a public warning on cybercriminals exploiting the pandemic, and is urging businesses and the public to consult its online guidance, including how to spot and deal with suspicious emails as well as mitigate and defend against malware and ransomware.

    To help our partners support the increased demand and sudden shift to remote working by their SMB customers, we are pleased to extend the following free security offers

    • Secure Web Gateway - Use for FREE for 3 months. By deploying Secure Web Gateway, you can easily ensure that remote workers are kept safe. SWG blocks access to malicious sites using advanced, layered technologies and deep content inspection.
      • Existing Secure Web Gateway customers will receive a FREE trial extension up to 3 months
      • Available for all new customers
    • Avast Business Patch Management - Use for FREE for 3 months. Our Patch Management solution will ensure that Windows operating systems and other 3rd party software are kept up-to-date with the latest patches, reducing the security gaps and vulnerabilities that can compromise the safety of your customers or employees working remotely. 
      • Existing Avast Business Patch Management trial customers will receive a FREE trial extension up to 3 months
      • Also available for all new customers
    • FREE 30 day licenses for CCleaner Cloud (C3) for up to 25 users per company. CCleaner Cloud is the powerful PC cleaning tool that makes it easy to manage the health and optimization of all your endpoints, even while you and your employees work remotely.

    Interested in the CCleaner offer? Contact your Account Manager or fill out this request form.

    Supporting our channel partners and their customers remains our top priority, and we hope that these proactive steps will help you manage the impact that this pandemic may have on your business, as well as keep your employees and customers safe and secure. 

    Keep safe,
    Avast Business 

  3. Partners,

    There will be an upcoming update to the CloudCare Cloud Backup file retention policy, which will modify the storage time on file versions. This change has come about as we work towards optimizing cloud storage usage. Under this updated retention policy, the following file versions will be stored in the cloud for data stored within the data centers:


    • Each file version backed up within the past calendar week
    • The last file version backed up each day for the past calendar month
    • The last file version backed up week for the past six months
    • The last file version backed up each month for the past seven+ months, for an unlimited period of timeIn short, the more recent the file, the more versions will stay stored in the cloud.

    These versions will remain in the cloud indefinitely, stored for an unlimited period of time.This policy update will commence on November 1, 2019. 



  4. Dear Partners,

    We are writing to notify you that AVG support for version 3.2 or lower of the AVG CloudCare AntiVirus service (AVG AntiVirus 2013 & 2014) will be ending on 1 March 2017. From the Support End Date, any devices which have the Unsupported Versions installed on them must be upgraded to version 3.3 or higher which contains AVG AntiVirus 2016 to receive the latest updates.

    In order to check the number of your devices which include Unsupported Versions, please log onto AVG CloudCare > Devices > and click on the CloudCare Agent column. In this column, you will be able to see which devices require upgrading to Supported Versions based on the versions displayed.

    In order to upgrade your customers’ devices to Supported Versions, you may choose to either:

    • select the ‘Devices’ page in AVG CloudCare and click on the ‘Update Company’ button, which will initiate an update and upgrade your devices to the latest CloudCare client version; or

    • upgrade individual devices by selecting the AVG CloudCare Upgrade executable version; or

    • reinstall AVG CloudCare on your customers’ devices.

    If any of your devices are not upgraded to Supported Versions by the Support End Date, the AVG CloudCare AntiVirus service will no longer receive appropriate updates and will not be fully protected.

    If you have any questions regarding the upgrading of your devices, please contact our AVG Business Support Team or your AVG Business Account Manager.
    Kind Regards,

    Your AVG CloudCare Team

  5. Hi Sacko,


    This is certainly possible. Close down the Online Backup software. Make sure the SD card is present/inserted into the SD reader. Open the Online Backup software, log in and then click on "Setup Backup" > Files and Folders > Then you will see your SD card (most likely D drive). 


    I have attached an image for you here: post-92-0-98115700-1414060580_thumb.png


    Any issues, then please don't hesitate to get back to me. 





  6. Dear Partners,


    We have received some reports of the AVG Online Backup Service reporting a ‘Backup successful’ alert, even though there was an error with backing up a file or folder.

    This issue will be fixed in the next release of CloudCare (v3.2) but in the interim, partners experiencing this issue can install an updated AVG Online Backup build directly to affected devices.

    If you wish to obtain and install the new build or are uncertain if you have been affected by this issue, please contact AVG Support using the details below.


    Before proceeding with the upgrade, please be aware of the following process:

    1.      Each device must be individually upgraded.

    2.      The device must currently have AVG Online Backup installed for you to run the new .exe build. This can only be ran manually on the local machines, we do not support remote
    deployment from the CloudCare platform.


    3.      When the new .exe installation file is ran, during the update, it will prompt you for a username/password, you will need cancel that screen and continue.  


    4.      After installation, the new AVG Online Backup client will work with CloudCare as usual.


    Support contact information:

    US Support:


    ·        Email: cloudcaresupport@avg.com

    ·        Phone: +1 866-402-9806

    UK Support:

    ·        Email: cloudcaresupportuk@avg.com

    ·        Phone: 0844-894-0002

    ·        Phone: 01522-803-265

    Ireland Support:

    ·        Email: cloudcaresupportuk@avg.com

    ·        Phone: +44(0)1522-803-265

    Australian Support:

    ·        Email: resellerie@avg.com.au

    ·        Phone: 1300 284 000

    New Zealand Support:

    ·         Email: resellerie@avg.com.au

    ·         Phone: 0800 284 000


    Kind regards,

    AVG SMB Team

  7. Hi MAT-LPA,


    Each time a backup starts the application just enumerates all files/folders indicated in backup set. Including all sub-folders. The application compares modification date of the file on the machine with modification time stored in the database since last successful backup of same file.


    We will be releasing a new OLB build at a later stage which will carry out the following: If the time is the same, and the file was not changed, no backup is required. In other cases it shall calculate SHA256 of file content and push it to the server with file metadata.

    Depending on server answer (de-duped, unchanged, not Found) the application starts the backup only if file not Found, or updates local database records.





  8. Hi A+,


    Glad that James got back to you about this. There was no updated version of OLB it should still show version same build as 3.0 release, maybe there was some confusion.


    Yes, if you could contact your AVG Rep they will be able to help you with this. Leslie already knows about this issue that you are experiencing. 





  9. Hi BootUp PC,


    When you go through the restore procedure and you select your day it will restore everything that has ever been backed up to that date! - That is correct, however you do have the ability to check/un-check files and folders that you wish to restore at that point which may be time consuming to know what files were deleted as it would restore them all etc. The OLB service cannot restore a "Snapshot" somewhere in time. 


    As far as I can tell there is no way to say I don't want to restore archived or deleted files and I just want to restore the relevant file structure - At this moment in time we do not have these features to restore a snapshot which would exclude archived or deleted files, as our OLB product includes unlimited archiving and versioning. 


    I have seen your Feature Request thread and I will be happy to reply with a little more information. I guess you would like to have the option to set a 30/60/90 day automatic deletion on archived and versioned files?





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