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    CloudCare got a reaction from Kay in Cloud Backup Retention Update (November 1, 2019)   
    There will be an upcoming update to the CloudCare Cloud Backup file retention policy, which will modify the storage time on file versions. This change has come about as we work towards optimizing cloud storage usage. Under this updated retention policy, the following file versions will be stored in the cloud for data stored within the data centers:
    Each file version backed up within the past calendar week The last file version backed up each day for the past calendar month The last file version backed up week for the past six months The last file version backed up each month for the past seven+ months, for an unlimited period of timeIn short, the more recent the file, the more versions will stay stored in the cloud. These versions will remain in the cloud indefinitely, stored for an unlimited period of time.This policy update will commence on November 1, 2019. 
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    CloudCare reacted to A+ Computers in Exchange backup of multiple databases   
    may have figured it out via a remote session to the clients server. 
    They set these mailboxes up roughly 18 months ago. When they set them up, their exchange admin did not enable circular logging.... So their 9GB mailbox that does show up is actually 32GB on disk when you include all of the log files. Their 245GB mailbox that isn't showing up is actually 800,000+ files and 1.07TB on disk..
    So I think that OLB may just be timing out when it is trying to total up the files to figure out how much data there is to back up. I directed them to exchange manager and explained to their exchange admin how to enable circular logging and to let that clean up the log files over the weekend before trying again. It took about 15 min for the 9GB mailbox to purge all of the log files and commit the changes, so were're guessing the client is looking at a couple of hours at least for the 245GB mailbox to commit the changes and purge the log files.
    Really glad the client trusts us enough to let me take a look at their server config with them, otherwise we probably would not have discovered the nearly 2TB worth of wasted space across two servers as the DB's are mirrored on a backup server as well.
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    CloudCare reacted to SofTec Solutions in Cloudcare Portal and Client machine not in agreement   
    Yes, right off, it looks like 3.2 has fixed this issue, along with some other reports that would not work on a schedule.  Good work.  We move ahead!
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    CloudCare reacted to A+ Computers in slow backups? try freeing up some ram   
    I have a client server with a rather hefty SQL DB (12GB). I noticed the other day that compared to to other clients, this one always took a day or two to run its full SQL backup. 
    When I took a look at the SQL backup in progress, I saw that it was only uploading at around 170Kbps
    Well there's your problem!
    This client has a 5Mbps upload on a cable connection, tested to multiple servers around the US on speedtest.net, so rule out a bandwidth issue.
    The raid array the data is coming off of is not being taxed at all. its barely at 50% IOPS of its max. Rule out hard drive issue
    Ok, what about CPU and memory? CPU is sitting at about 1% usage across all cores, but RAM,  RAM allocation was at nearly 100% with only about 100MB of "free" RAM.
    This server has a measly 24GB or ram, but it should be more than enough as it is a SBS 2011 box for a small office office of 10 users. Its running AD, exchange, shared storage and hosts their SQL DB.
    Normally we set the mix/max cache size for exchange at 1GB/4GB as the exchange store will gobble up all available RAM if left to its own devices, but apparently this step was missed when configuring the server as the exchange store was presently feasting on about 13GB of RAM, all for a 2.4GB exchange database.
    After taming the exchange beast and restarting the service, I re-ran the offending SQL backup. It is presently chugging along at around 900Kbps,-1Mbps 
    quite the improvement
    If you would also like to tame the exchange beast, the following is a step by step guide to setting the min/max cache settings for both exchange 2007 and 2010. it may improve your server's upload speeds with OLB as well. Remember to backup before messing with things, i take no responsibility for your blundering when you down an exchange server currently in production in the middle of the day.
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    CloudCare reacted to ProLogic in OLB Saved The Day!   
    Hi All,
    Just like to say what an excellent backup solution, the restore was fast and tried to use all our available bandwidth.
    I recommended and installed OLB for a customer just 6 weeks ago to a client... Just a few days ago his HDD failed, "clunk click"!
    We fitted a new drive and restored his 100GB of data, within a couple of days he was up and running.
    He couldn't thank me enough!
    So from my client and me, thank you. 
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    CloudCare reacted to A+ Computers in backup size discrepancies   
    For anyone wondering, we got this figured out finally.
    For your files & folders backup, the backup size is based on the largest version of a file that has been backed up. This means that if you suddenly have a large file that either shrinks in size (like a pst file that you compacted or a video you deleted), the space used is still based on the largest retained copy of the file. There is currently no retention policy available (that I have found) for files & folders backup.
    For exchange and SQL, take whatever size your data set is and multiply it by the number of days you have set for the retention policy (basically). Every copy of the files counts against your allocated space. So, for example, if you have 10GB of exchange data with a 3 day retention policy and you have it set to do a full backup every day, plan of allocating 30GB for that exchange backup. Of course there are also the log files to deal with, but they get truncated at each full backup, so plan your space requirements accordingly.
    There is no real manual for setting up backups for exchange and SQL from the endpoint software , only files & Folders. Hopefully this will be rectified in short order.
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    CloudCare reacted to ProLogic in Product not up to scratch   
    Hi Guys,
    Small work around (not tested)...
    Removed files are shown in the CSV backup report with a date of "1601-01-01 00-00-00" 
    After Restore...
    Using Excel open CSV report matching date of restore.
    Sort in date order,
    Remove All Rows that do NOT contain "1601-01-01 00-00-00",
    Delete Columns B, C, D & E,
    Add the double quote char (") to all column B,
    Save as CSV (comma delimited),
    Open in Notepad
    Find and Replace the string c:\ with del c:\"   (repeat for other drive letters)
    Find and Replace the string ,"""" with "   
    Now you have a batch file to delete all the removed files...
    Use at your own risk..
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    CloudCare got a reaction from A+ Computers in Backup failed, but sent a success alert?   
    Hi A+,
    I have been able to replicate the issue on my side on with Exchange 2010. I killed off EdgeTransport.exe.
    A bug report has already been created for this issue and will be assigned to a release in the coming weeks. 
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    CloudCare reacted to ProLogic in OLB Email Report Batch File...   
    Hi Guys,
    Feel free to use...
    Set as a scheduled task to run after your backup as run (as to be same day).
    Any questions let me know.
    @echo off rem *********************************************************************** rem *** OLBEmailReport.bat - Beta v1.0                                  *** rem ***                                                                 *** rem *** Ensure Blat is in working directory. http://www.blat.net/       *** rem ***                                                                 *** rem ***                                                                 *** rem *** Change the following variables to suit...                       *** rem *********************************************************************** set plc_reportfolder=C:\ProgramData\AVG Online Backup\CsvReports\AVS3788 set plc_smtp_server=smtp.yourserver.net set plc_smtp_username="" set plc_smtp_password="" set plc_email_from=DoNotReply@domain.net set plc_email_name=CUSTOMERS BACKUP set plc_email_to=backup@domain.net rem ***********************************************************************   set plc_email_subject=AVG OLB SUMMARY FOR %COMPUTERNAME% set plc_date=%date:~6,4%-%date:~3,2%-%date:~0,2% set plc_ok=0 set plc_unchanged=0 set plc_error=0   if not %plc_smtp_username%=="" set plc_smtp_username=-u %plc_smtp_username% if not %plc_smtp_password%=="" set plc_smtp_password=-pw %plc_smtp_password%   echo Please find enclosed your Online Backup Summary > email.txt echo.>> email.txt echo.>> email.txt     if not exist "%plc_reportfolder%" goto plc_reportfolder_err if not exist "%plc_reportfolder%\Online %plc_date%*.csv" goto plc_reportfile_err     type "%plc_reportfolder%\Online %plc_date%*.csv" 2>nul|find "OK" /c > temp.txt  set /p plc_ok= < temp.txt type "%plc_reportfolder%\Online %plc_date%*.csv" 2>nul|find "UNCHANGED" /c > temp.txt  set /p plc_unchanged= < temp.txt type "%plc_reportfolder%\Online %plc_date%*.csv" 2>nul|find "ERROR" /c > temp.txt set /p plc_error= < temp.txt echo AVG OLB Backup  : %COMPUTERNAME% %plc_date% >> email.txt echo BACKED UP Files : %plc_ok% >> email.txt echo UNCHANGED Files : %plc_unchanged% >> email.txt echo ERROR Files     : %plc_error% >> email.txt echo. >> email.txt echo. >> email.txt if %plc_error%==0 goto end set plc_email_subject=***ERROR*** %plc_email_subject% echo FILE(S) WITH ERROR(S) >> email.txt echo ---------------------------------- >> email.txt type "%plc_reportfolder%\Online %plc_date%*.csv" 2>nul|find "ERROR" > errorlist.txt for /F "eol=; tokens=1 delims=, " %%i in (errorlist.txt) do echo %%i  >> email.txt goto end   :plc_reportfolder_err echo OLB Backup Folder : %plc_reportfolder_err% NOT FOUND!  >> email.txt goto end   :plc_reportfile_err echo No matching Report Files found in %plc_reportfolder%.  >> email.txt goto end     :end blat.exe email.txt -subject "%plc_email_subject%" -to %plc_email_to% -server %plc_smtp_server% -f %plc_email_from% %plc_smtp_username% %plc_smtp_password% -debug -log blat.log   -------------------------------------------------------eof----------------------------------------------
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    CloudCare reacted to Ben in System State   
    You would need to use shadow protect for that. 
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    CloudCare reacted to ProLogic in Backup not working   
    Hi Archimedesign,
    During beta you will have to disable UAC (full release due Oct).
    If you prefer not to disable UAC you will have to run the AVGTrayApp as Administrator.
    Here is a way of doing that without generating a UAC prompt every boot..
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    CloudCare got a reaction from Kevin in Nothing happens when right clicking avg online backup beta   
    From the release notes:
    No Online Backup Service BETA Data Yet – The AVG Online Backup BETA data located on the Partners Customer summary page will not populate with data until the next release version. This includes

    - Used space
    - Backup summary's Total protected files
    - And all Open backup alerts
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    CloudCare got a reaction from PCBMerchy in Online Backup Service Questions and Answers   
    1. During BETA and out of BEAT release, there will be no plans, however I will be raising a request for this feature. I will also add this to our feature request forum for people to vote on. 
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    CloudCare got a reaction from PCBMerchy in Online Backup Service Questions and Answers   
    Topic now unlocked. More FAQ's will appear at the bottom of the current list over the next couple of days. 
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