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    Bryan reacted to PCFella in Request to change a Feature within the Community Forum   
    Hi guys,
    the community forum was intended for use only by AVG Cloud resellers, A platform where we could participate in the AVG CloudCare development.  But each posted entry has a share icon in the top right which includes advertising us to Facebook, Twitter and countless other open community forums.
    I haven't tried it, I would hope that login to see the full posts would be challenged but it still advertises a resource which some would be keen to tap in to who maybe shouldn't be privy.
    Any chance that share option can be removed, I'm sure I speak for others when I say I wouldn't appreciate all comments made on here to be public, we are on here to help improve the system and while we do love the product (or we wouldn't be selling it) I'm sure the comments made can be easily taken as quite damming if put to the wrong context.
    The buttons can be clearly seen in the snapshots attached to this post.

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    Bryan reacted to PWRitter in broken digital signature   
    Can you change this to it's own category?   Or at least lower it's priority?
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    Bryan reacted to ProLogic in All Customer Report on Remote IT usage   
    I know there is an Remote IT Audit Log in each customer, be could we have a global Remote IT Audit Log for all customers.
    If anyone agrees please like my post
    Thank You.
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    Bryan reacted to John Rutkowski in Managed Antivirus   
    You guys are missing the point about Managed Antivirus and Managed Services. The key word being MANAGED. Out users expect us to take care of their computers and we do it so it does not interrupt them. We have maintenance windows where we can reboot machines .
    I the Kaseya support AVG, We can schedule when to deploy, when to update. CloudCare MUST give us the tools to schedule the updates during time periods that we know about.
    Spring this on us and the users is not acceptable! 
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    Bryan reacted to John Rutkowski in 2.3.1 Initial Scan popups   
    Users are freaking out and calling us about the 2.3.1 "Initial Scan" popups. We need a way of controlling the updates so they fall withing the maintenance window. And suppressing these popups to the users. Needless calls and time being wasted. It's Complicating my support.
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    Bryan reacted to TTG in Global Report Logo   
    Will we be able to set a Global Logo image in the main Partnet account that will apply to all customers instead of having to add it for each customer individually?
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    Bryan reacted to LLCCorp in Need to be able to run AVG in safe mode.   
    We need to be able to run AVG Cloudcare in safe mode.
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    Bryan reacted to John Rutkowski in MUST Sort Alpha that is not case sensitive   
    The Sorts should be pure Alpha sort. So A,b, C, d, E, f show in that order. NOT A, C, E, b, d, f
    It should NOT be case sensitive.
    And give us a FIND across all customers and the ability to MOVE a PC to another client.
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    Bryan reacted to SOHOBE in Automatic client side upgrades   
    I'm glad for this thread--I thought it was just me that wasn't "getting it" when it came to the CloudCare or AVG software automatically updating. As you have all mentioned, I also thought that the whole purpose of CC was that it would keep itself up-to-date without much, if any, intervention. So, to me, this just shows the amount of disconnect about what we perceived the product was going to do, and what it actually would do. I'm sorry, but I no longer believe that it was my lack of understanding. I feel that AVG missed conveying to us clearly that there were issues or obstacles. We're all tech folk here. We know this stuff isn't easy. I think any sort of issues like this should be put right out into the open.
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    Bryan reacted to SOHOBE in Behavior of the Tray Icon   
    When a customer double-clicks the AVG CloudCare system tray icon, the default behavior is to bring them to the CloudCare web portal. Of course, the customer doesn't have the credentials to log in--so guess who they ask for them? And guess who has to go through the awkward explanation of how they're not self-managed customers, and that I'm not going to give them that information?

    I should be able to select what behavior double-clicking the AVG CloudCare system tray icon has via a policy. For self-managed clients, going directly to the portal makes sense. But for other customers, I want "Open Local User Interface..." to be the default. Matter of fact, I would like a third option that would open an interface that has a simple overview dashboard (green check-marks and red Xs would be ideal, and expiration date) and information about how to reach me, maybe with a phone number and a link to my trouble-ticket system.
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