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Do I contact Avast, Barracuda, or another distributor for CloudCare support?


Hi Avast partners!

We recognize there has been some ongoing confusion regarding contacting Barracuda or other Avast Business resellers for CloudCare/Antivirus support vs. contacting Avast Business support directly. Some of you have spoken with your account managers who have directed you to Barracuda support. We apologize for any confusion this has caused and thank you for your patience, and hope this notification clears things up for everyone.

In most cases, Avast Business partners will be under an Avast agreement, and will contact Avast Business support for assistance. You can verify this by looking in your CloudCare portal; you will see Avast contact information in the left side panel.

There are a smaller number of partners, however, who will fall under a support agreement with Barracuda or another distributor. In those cases, the support point of contact will be listed in the CloudCare portal in the left side panel. For example, if you see Barracuda support contact information there, then Barracuda is your first point of contact for CloudCare support.

All CloudCare users are welcome to use the CloudCare forum as well, and we encourage you to reach out to your account manager if you have any further questions regarding CloudCare support.

Avast Business Team

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