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  1. Just try to find all the versions of a file that was backed up. You can't. You have to know the date to which you want the file back.


    As to the interface, I'm one of those that reads the help file and tool tips first before using the program. There is a disconnect in the documentation and interface. But Backup Now should backup now rather than presenting another button to click.

  2. So while I have had the Service Module up, you note the Site Column is empty. post-124-0-10377300-1378338452_thumb.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ws5sapzxx85axp/9-4-2013%207-29-20%20PM.jpg (Sure wish there was an easier way to paste in images in this forum) When you refresh you see that "The Integration login is unauthorized to access....." and you can't get to the Service Module any longer. (or it's taking so long that I give up and move on) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qhtsju8p9iuyidb/9-4-2013%207-33-00%20PM.jpg


  3. I can backup mapped drives and UNC paths, but ONLY if the credentials match. We have some files on a NAS that is not part of the domain, and it has different credentials. That will fails.


    So each source drive needs a credential override if different from the default. We tried with the Windows login as a service but it works only for the domain source. Even though the NAS has the same user name and password, it is forcing the domain, and that fails of course.

  4. The Restore button also takes two clicks!


    But in the restore we need the tree view FIRST, then we pick what date or version to restore. Users often have no clue as to when something was last there or when they last worked on it.


    eFolder has it right, you brows the tree, it shows if files have been deleted that were backed up, then a right click on the file or golder gives you the versions that are available to restore.


    This is the way the real world works.


  5. So we need a way to identify the version of CloudCare in LPI or Kaseya.  2.5 does not appear in the registry or file versions, most of the file versions start with 13.0.0 but the rest of the numbers are all over the map. Nothing reports as 2.5 We need some consistency here.


    The RMM can give us the reporting we are not getting with Cloudcare if we can identify the version.


    It's really horrible that you can't easily see the versions of the various deployments or get one report to show you which custmoers have not been updated.

  6. So you backed up. Something happened to that machine and it was wiped or re-imaged. How do you re-install and restore a backup? There seems to be no way to link the new machine image with an existing backup.Even when the same name.


    Sharing files on the web interface should be sharing, not creating a ZIP file. Open a web link to the files like Drop Box.

  7. Who is writing these interfaces? Have they ever used a computer? If a button says "Back Now" it dam well better back NOW. Not make me click on another button for files!


    I thought he entire Backup menu was a dummy because nothing would ever happen when I clicked the buttons. And the Tool tips tells you to click the buttons


    Same for "Set Backup" then having to click again.Rather than Simplify, the program is going to make me click more an more times to get something that should be one click.



    There should be no password for the user to backup!

    There should be a client level password and tech level. I don't want to have to track hundreds of passwords and I don't wnat the clients to have passwords we use.

  8. You need a system status board where you can publish the outages, fixes in progress, etc. That way we are not pestering your people.



    This Update Scanning issue is driving me to the brink of desperation.



    So post the info, don't hide it. Put it at the top of the forum list.

  9. The AVG Fix It! is continuing to be a plague.


    If the Firewall and Email scanner was installed by mistake and the policy disables them the modules are still there, it prompts the customer to Fix It, and then the Policy turns it off, then the GUI prompts to fix it again.

    There needs to be a way other than a total uninstall and install to disable the modules.

  10. We are now getting alerts on Database and other issues from customers we deleted last January. The customer does not show in a search or the link that is in the message.



    A big time waster on filtering these out. Wolf! Wolf!



    An AVG CloudCare High-Priority Alert Occurred.

    Description: Virus database update not run on device for an
    extended period of time.

    Details: Virus database version on device: 6253.

    Customer: LMA Architects

    Group: Default

    Device: THOR

    Date and Time: May 14, 2013 11:47


    Alert Name: Default

    Click here to view this
    alert in the CloudCare portal. 

  11. Two different sites are reporting license issue with AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit, Bluebeam and Sketchuo. Those three packages all use different license management, but the machines will report that they can not get licenses all at the same time!


    AutoCAD is a 3 server pool

    Bluebeam checks in across the internet

    Sketchup is a file based license on a single server.


    Client PC lose connection to all three at the same time, yet I find nothing in the AVG logs.


    If the machine reboots, or the PC waits 3-5 minutes they can access licenses. Nothing like this happened before this Tuesday.


    There is a huge uptick in false positives on folders we had already set for exclusion, yet that are being scanned and finding false positives on corrupt EXE.


    I need a live body to help me look at this.

  12. You guys are missing the point about Managed Antivirus and Managed Services. The key word being MANAGED. Out users expect us to take care of their computers and we do it so it does not interrupt them. We have maintenance windows where we can reboot machines .


    I the Kaseya support AVG, We can schedule when to deploy, when to update. CloudCare MUST give us the tools to schedule the updates during time periods that we know about.


    Spring this on us and the users is not acceptable! 

  13. Users are freaking out and calling us about the 2.3.1 "Initial Scan" popups. We need a way of controlling the updates so they fall withing the maintenance window. And suppressing these popups to the users. Needless calls and time being wasted. It's Complicating my support.


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