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    Well, here is an update for you.  We just signed a new contract for Managed Workplace and CloudCare, combined.  A three year contract.  Yes, we are a bit nervous, but the cost per managed endpoint is pretty good.  It is too much work to move 800 end points to another platform, and we really have no reason to do so.  It was scary when we signed up the first time, maybe back 5 or 6 years ago, or so.  But the amount of work we can get done has far, far outpaced the cost.  And we have grown with it.  Also just signed up for 3 years for Autotask.  We are looking forward to improving our efficiencies with that product. 
    Try this for a starting point,depending on your market, for those new clients, or even your old ones.
    Offer a reduced hourly rate for a Managed client. Charge them $10 for each managed end point for the Managed Workplace Solution.  (Just for round numbers.) Setup a simple maintenance automation to happen every week on each end point. So far, that is all part of the package.  Anything above this is billable at the reduced rate. Now, you have a client that is running your management software, managed by your portal.  That is the beginning of a relationship with that client.  They now know you have their back, and you know more about their systems than anyone.  
    Now, lather, rinse and repeat.
    You will be amazed at how efficient your staff, or yourself, can be with this product.
    If you do this right, you can expect, or should expect, a 5X return on the investment. (At least)  Do not give it away.  It is too valuable.
    There, that's my take on the product.  For what it is worth.
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