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    VCHC47362 reacted to SofTec Solutions in Restart and Resume   
    Since the upgrade to MW 11 SP4 and the new and "improved" Premium Remote Control (PRC), it has issues with "enable restart and resume", which was an awesome feature.  I called tech support and at first the person said that the new PRC could no longer do that function.  When I asked why, he said it was because many people had asked for the new "Invite Operator" function.  Then, as he was doing some research, he said the "resume" function might work, if the remote computer and the technician computer had the latest version of PRC. 
    We have found this to be true.  If you cannot get the "resume" feature to work, uninstall the PRC from the endpoint using the script in the library.  Then, to speed things up, click on the "get latest assets" button.  Wait about 5 minutes and go back to the PRC area.  The system should tell you that PRC needs to be installed on the endpoint.  Click to install it and wait for a few minutes.  Come back to the screen and try it.  it should now work and the resume feature should now work again.  It would appear that any Premium Remote Agent that is version 4.4.1746.22 and above should work with resume.  We have been running test here at the shop, and this solution appears to be consistent.
    Now, the real funny part.  I had to call support on an issue with the new "Invite Operator" feature, because it was there and we wanted to test it.  The issue is the that invitation would lead to a link that would start an on-line connection, but it would ask for a username and password.  And we could get nothing to work in the password fields.  This support person said that this feature was not working and that the way to have another technician come on to the same session was to use their MW portal and just PRC into the same endpoint.  He said this was a new improvement.  But, I disagree, because the PRC always allowed multiple sessions on the same endpoint.  So, one tech says the "Invite operator" is a great new feature, and another says it doesn't work and don't use it.  Those are mixed messages.
    Anyway, we are just glad we have found a solution to the broken "Enable restart and resume" feature. 
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    VCHC47362 reacted to SofTec Solutions in Bandwidth and Latency Monitoring Automation   
    The Auvik network software will measure bandwidth usage quite well.  (Another Canadian Company).  I am unaware of a way to do this with Managed Workplace.  It is a shortcoming of the product, unfortunately.
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    VCHC47362 reacted to A+ Computers in WinRM error trying to backup exchange   
    No. As I said previously, we've given up on this issue being resolved and implemented another backup solution when Exchange data is present. The case  a year old with no working resolution and AVG stopped communicating with me shortly after the initial support incident.
    I suggest AVG setup a LAB on their own to test and resolve this issue.
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