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  1. On 6/23/2018 at 3:29 PM, redleg said:

    I'm seeing the same problem. Not working for FF or Chrome - I get a login prompt. Not working for Edge either, same login prompt.

    It started working in IE when I added dashboard.avgonlinebackup.com to the trusted sites list.

    Curiously after adding that, Edge was worse. It now opens a new tab but with a blank page and a warning that the connection isn't encrypted. The handy thing there is you can see the url with the one-time use token. Pasting that into FF or Chrome lets you login to the dashboard successfully.

    Avast, any chance of an update please?

    Thanks, Mike

    I just had to add dashboard.avgonlinebackup.com to IE trusted sites as well to get it to work.

  2. I just noticed this issue on 3 out of the 6 systems that are running Online Backup. The Fixcfg.exe reported here resolved the 3 systems that were affected. Thankfully I found this thread as support took 4 days to get back to me and they told me to reinstall CloudCare.

    This morning I noticed a 4th system not reporting and that was definitely immediately after upgrading to 3.6.4. Again Fixcfg.exe resolved the issue.


    Apparently the 3.6.4 client is still not reporting back to the console. I have to run Fixcfg.exe and reboot the server in order for it to show up in the console daily. If I don't run Fixcfg.exe it will not report to the console.

    I have verified on: https://dashboard.avgonlinebackup.com/ that the device is backing up as it should, its simply not reporting back to the console. I have not updated the other systems to 3.6.4 that are using online backup. My ticket number with support is: 04137739

  3. I misspoke is saying complete disaster recovery. I just need a simple way of getting files restored from a remote system.


    Since all my computers are running CloudCare, me having to install just the OLB component from this customer, removes the protection that is currently running on that system.

    Thanks for the tutorial, but it looks like I need to post in the New Feature Request for a restore option that doesn't require me removing the antivirus protection on a computer just to restore files for a client.

  4. Thanks again for the quick answer A+! Definitely not the answer I was looking for however. I only have one system at this location with AVG OLB installed. What I need to be able to do is download the backed up files from any system.  I'm looking for a complete disaster recovery option.


    What if this system is lost in a fire and I need to store data on a temporary system so the user can access remotely? The option I can see would be to purchase an additional license so I can install OLB on another computer, just to get my data back.

  5. Thanks A+,


    Not sure still what was causing the issue, but a complete uninstall/install fixed the issue.


    Just to clarify, I was being prompted with this message after right clicking AVG system tray icon and selecting Open AVG Online Backup and typing in the correct password. If I typed in an incorrect password, it would identify that and tell me "incorrect password".


    I don't have the online backup tied directly into SQL for backup, I'm scheduling SQL to dump a .bak for AVG to grab.

  6. I just noticed the one system we have using the online backup hasn't had a successful backup since 5-22-15 with green flags showing in the console that everything is OK.


    When I try and open the Online Backup locally on the server, I'm getting a message "file is encrypted or is not a database".


    The last successful backup was right before the local server administrator account password was changed. I'm assuming I have to have the online backup account password match, but how do I go about that now?


    I'm placing a call into support and will update this when I find out in hopes to help others.

  7. I had to move some files and folders around on a system we have the online backup running. I need to remove the copy of a folder from the cloud because it is now putting us over the bucket we have paid for.


    Can someone tell me how to remove the copy of the folder from the cloud?



  8. I believe they said in the presentation for the 2.3 release that updates currently are manual, but they were going to change the update for both the CloudCare client and the AV client to be automatic soon. When we first were given the presentation for CloudCare back in December, we were also told it would be automatic.

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