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  1. haven't had time to contact support on this issue as its not something critical. I have noticed more devices throwing multiple backup alerts lately though, so it is getting worse. It  appears that when the backup client is updated, it is creating a new task and not updating or removing the old backup task.


    When I look at task scheduler for one of the affected servers, I can see multiple backup tasks, with two different AVG ID's. I'm going to simply disable the older ID's in task manager as well as any tasks with the current ID that say "AVG online backup" instead of "Avast online backup" 

    I obtained the current AVG ID by opening the backup client and running it manually. In the details section it shows you the AVG ID for the backup that is currently running, but you can also simply view the cloud backup dashboard for the device through the CC portal as it is listed in the top right of the page.

  2. Question for AVAST/Barracuda, what about sites where there is no onsite manager, only device managers? Will/should these sites just work, or is there another fix that needs to be run for them?

    I ask because I have one such site that I just received an alert that one of the machines couldn't connect to the automatic update service with event ID 16.

    Windows Event Details

    Level / Severity:
    Unable to Connect: Windows is unable to connect to the automatic updates service and therefore cannot download and install updates according to the set schedule. Windows will continue to try to establish a connection.

  3. There is a fix now:


    We've identified a Microsoft patch revision issue. An interim fix has been provided by following the steps below.

    • Hosted Managed Workplace partners need to run the new MW script ‘Fix_OM_Patch_Metadata” available under Update Center > Components on their Onsite Managers to remove the old patch metadata.
    o NOTE: it may take up to 24 hours for the scripts to show up in the Update Center. The script can also be downloaded.http://download.ccrmm.avg.com/downloads/Patch/Fix_OM_Patch_Metadata.zip

    • On-premise Managed Workplace partners need to run a SQL query on their MWUS Database and a MW script on their Onsite Manager to remove the old patch metadata. Please download the SQL and MW script.
    Posted about 19 hours ago. Feb 05, 2019 - 16:35 EST

  4. known issue and is listed on the mw status page already.


    Investigating - We are currently experiencing issues within Managed Workplace for some devices under Patch Management. Until this is resolved, partners may experience disruptions and devices not checking into the Service Center for Patches. 

    We will provide an update and/or resolution when more information is available. 

    Kind regards, 
    Your Avast Managed Workplace Team 
    Feb 1, 13:19 EST

  5. This has been happening for a while now, but I haven't had time to deal with it until now. 

    I am seeing multiple alerts each day for the same devices letting me know they have completed their backup. The backup is set for one specific time each day, but I'm receiving 2-12 alerts each day for the successful backup.

    For instance, one device triggered the backup completed alert today at 9:48 AM, 10:18 AM, 11 AM, 11:18 AM, 11:31 AM, 11:48 AM, 12.18 PM, 12:48 PM, 1:18 PM and 1:48 PM.

    The device in this instance does show a scheduled task for AVAST backup that runs at 11:31 AM and an older task for AVG online backup that runs at 11AM. Looking back through the email alerts, it started sending two alerts per day (with the same timestamp) as far back as Aug 21st. It started sending many multiple emails/alerts per day starting Dec 20th.


    This is not happening across all devices with backup, just some.




  6. Thank you. A different person from support has now contacted me with an actual solution to try.

    For anyone reading this in the future, try doing to the device list for an affected customer and select "uninstalled devices with backup data" from the view menu. From there, you can try deleting the data which may finally cause the portal to begin displaying the proper amount of backed up data.

  7. I've already started a support ticket on this, but unfortunately the person handling the ticket is neither reading and/or understanding the issue and will not bump the support request up to the next tier after being asked to escalate the ticket.

    Ticket # 07627717

    we have a customer with a single 25gb backup block who is showing they are out of room. There are two devices listed with the same name (only one is real), and neither of them has any data backed up for them. We made extra sure that the data was deleted from the backup servers and when visiting the dashboard.avgonlinebackup.com page for it, it shows total used space as 0.

    The overall issue is the backup will not run because the partner portal thinks they are out of room due to the two same named devices it thinks are using a combined ~14GB.

    This is not an issue with the endpoint as even it shows no data backed up when viewing the data through the restore option. This is an issue with the portal not updating from the actual backup servers and showing the incorrect amount of data being saved online.


  8. One of our backup clients is getting a SQL logic error message when finalizing the backup settings. 

    At the end of the wizard, once we have chosen the frequency, and times for the backup, clicking finish gives the following error:


    sql error.jpg


    We have tried updating to the latest client and also reinstalling the client.


    I have opened ticket # 07201207 with support and am awaiting a reply.

  9. Hi Allen, SOHOBE (Mike) doesn't work for AVAST, he's a reseller just like the rest of us. 

    You know in the portal where you purchase licenses and backup blocks for customers? Well, you can see and change the password for backups from there as well.


    If you need to talk to support, you can call them or you can contact your account manager.

  10. sorry guys, I've been on vacation since the 1st and have tried to steer clear of all technology and focus on my garden and refinishing my deck.


    I'm going to assume you are using hyper-v for virtualization, but in reality, it shouldn't matter one lick what you are using. I'm also going to assume you are trying to install this on one of the guest VMs and not the host.

    I don't have any clients using server2008, but I know it works on SBS2011 (2008r2) VMs both under hyper-v and vmware server. 

    Can you create a test win7 VM and install the backup component successfully on that? According to the documentation here, it should work fine all the way back to server 2003. However, I don't think that documentation has been updated in some time and we are far past the original release of OLB.

    You can also check to see if it is creating the directories for OLB, and if so, inspect the log files. You'll find them under programdata\avg online backup\logs. You should also see a avg online backup folder under program files (x86). If these aren't being created, then you'll want to get in touch with support.

  11. Has anyone seen this behaviour before? On a new install of Win 10, with all current updates installed, the time selection for the backup start time is simply displayed as ;;. The up/down buttons do not change it to numbers and you are unable to type numbers into it. 

    I had a call a few weeks back from a POS provider that was having issues with their timeclock software displaying the same thing on windows 10 with all updates installed, but we didn't have a resolution at that time either.

    Changing the time/date formats do not appear to have any effect.

  12. Is it an sql database? if so, why not use the built in SQL backup? you can specify a retention period for the backups from there. 

    The options for the advanced backup, while better than the file/folder backup, are still not that great. They may work for your purpose through. I would look at the temporary option for the retention policy. The bad thing about it is if the main DB doesn't change (say they are closed for few days for vacation) then depending of the number of days you have set for retention, you may find yourself without a backup of the main DB.

    You may just be better off using the advanced options under the normal file/folder backup to include and exclude folder locations and or files.

  13. if you log into the portal and access the backup from there, any files you delete will warn you that it will not back them up again unless they change. So, if he has stuff that he never changes that he doesn't want to back up, that is a pretty quick way to exclude them.

    other methods will involve changing the backup set from the OLB software on the machine.

    you can simply uncheck a folder or file if you are manually selecting files and folders for the backup. However if you uncheck a file or sub folder, it will no longer backup any new files or folders in the parent folder that are created later.  

    You can also add files to an exclusion list if you are allowing the olb software to scan all folders or personal folders instead of manually selecting the files. Simply go the the configure screen for the backup and hit the advanced button. This will allow you to specify files, folders and file types to exclude.

  14. There really isn't any set standard, but I wouldn't keep any less than 3 days worth of data. You can always check with your clients how many days they would like the ability go go back in time if something goes wrong and sell them appropriate storage for that. Some might want to be able to go back in time a week, or a maybe even 30 days. 

  15. yes, you can have the SQL backup component backup the SQL DB directly instead of using the files/folders backup to backup the backup you are creating. 

    Just keep in mind that it does not work properly with SQL 2014 and you will need to install the following : Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Shared Management Objects and Microsoft® System CLR Types for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=29065 (these support older versions of SQL also).


    Also, SQL and exchange backups do not follow the same "only pay for the largest copy of the file" scheme that files & folders backup uses. So if you have a 10GB DB, and you set the retention for 3 days, you are going to use 30GB of backup space (10 GB per day).



  16. I just ran it manually from the portal and received an email a few minutes later that it had completed. The real test will be tonight when the backup is scheduled to run automatically. I'm confident that it will send me the email alert that it completed though as the OLB details pages shows that it is running the automatic backup on schedule, even through the alert was not being generated by the CC portal.

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